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  • Age Rating: 13 and Up
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  • Series: Natsu no Arashi

Natsu no Arashi Episode #10

By Chris Beveridge     June 12, 2009
Release Date: June 07, 2009

Natsu no Arashi
© TV Tokyo

Events turn even more serious as Hajime is determined to save Arashi from disappearing.

What They Say:

As their work is coming to an end, Arashi and Hajime run into Yamazaki Kanako. Kanako suddendly stabs Arashi's chest with her hand, causing her power to drain out. As Hajime is about to leap in to save her, he realizes that there's a crossbow pointed directly at him. Unable to take it as Kanako is progressively weakens Arashi, Hajime - throwing caution to the wind - tries to attack Kanako...and she pulls the crossbow trigger. The arrow fires off barely missing Hajime. With little options left, in steps the man with the sunglasses...

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

As the series recently caught up to its opening episode, the moving forward phase of it began in earnest in the previous episode. The introduction of a villainess of sorts who has hired the detective finally provides the start of a reason for him being interested in Arashi. At the same time, now that we’re done with all the lead-up material, we can finally start to see where it’s all going to go. There have been some minor nods here and there and there’s a loose end of sorts that’s rather nicely tied up here which made me appreciate the series just a bit more.

With Arashi now in Kanako’s hands, albeit it momentarily before Hajime finally sets things to spook her away a little bit, she’s able to give Arashi a bit of a dressing down about things and how it’s her destiny to be removed from existence at this point. Arashi seems fairly clueless about all of this at first and it’s not long before she’s out of commission and unconscious. The episode focuses more on Hajime for the most part as he and the detective form a rough understanding to work together. The detective, who we learn has a connection to Arashi from the past which answers some of the biggest questions that Arashi and Hajime had about their trips to the past, dislikes the way everything has played out as it goes against his “being a hero” mentality that he was brought up believing.

Natsu no Arashi turns into a “storming the castle” mode upon this as the pair head to where Kanako leaves as Hajime simply wants to force her to restore Arashi to the way she was. The plan is simple but Hajime really has a look of intensity about him as he feels that he’s failed her. The mission into the mansion opens the show up to a number of other revelations since Kanako and the other woman there in the wheelchair, Yayoi, are both like Arashi and come from a different time. The exposition moments are a bit bland, but it does help to flesh out more of the past lives of these girls and why it’s complicating the present. It doesn’t explain the entire situation of course, but it’s another face of what’s happened in the past that’s brought to light and we see both Kaya and Arashi through a different filter.

In Summary:

Natsu no Arashi has been such an awkward series in so many ways that when it gets to a segment like this, it feels like it’s better than it is. The show is a bit more coherent at this point and the drop-off of the ultra silly material helps it immensely. Something about the humor it’s employed just hasn’t clicked well for me. With Hajime acting all macho, the detective’s past and connection now revealed and the seriousness of Arashi’s situation made clear, there’s a fair bit of good material to be had here. You can see how the buildup has gone throughout the show, but it took too much in some ways for it to get here, enough so that I wanted to walk away from it several times. These end episode won’t salvage my overall opinion of it, but I’m glad it’s at least proving to be a bit more interesting as it’s getting ready to close out.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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