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Marvel fans get selective with a line of Diamond action figures targeted at collectors

By Andrew Kardon     September 06, 2002

Serious toy collectors may have just struck gold. Well, diamonds would be a bit more appropriate. No, there isn't a Crown Jewels Playset in the works. (Well...not that we know of, anyway.) Something much, much cooler is on the way for die-hard fans of Marvel Comics characters: a line of collector-friendly action figures from Diamond Select Toys.

Kicking off in September, Marvel Select will finally give Marvel fans something they've been wanting for years an ongoing line of original action figures designed exclusively for the specialty market. Heck, DC Comics fans have had that luxury for years, thanks to the collector-friendly DC Direct line of action figures. (Like an Oberon figure would have EVER been made in a mass-market wave of figures.) Now Marvel fans can join in the fun.

Spider-Man gets the program swinging first, followed by one new figure a month. Out of the gate, Marvel Select will be offering up Elektra, Punisher, Captain America and Origin Wolverine. With a three-year contract, that pretty much guarantees fans some 36 figures to add to their collection a collection that'll consist of some popular characters as well as some pretty offbeat ones.


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