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michaelxaviermaelstrom 1/6/2008 5:50:12 PM
(- DaForce -) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm(n) *don spectacles at obtuse - yet nevertheless quite aesthetically pleasing - professorial right angle* ..indeed ol chap., in fact the sum of the square is equal to the inverse of the *WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM**WHAM**WHAM**WHAM**WHAM*.. Ooo *tilt head* do excuse me. Sorry bout that. Of course you're right, about the meds. Also pssst "midichlorians". BAHAHAHAHAHAHA (- GimpyTheWonder -) re: Plants and Fruits. Hail Gimpy! Merin stole my line (MEEEERRRRRIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHNNN - He tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him. I'll chase him round the moons of Nibia and round my cousin Michael Antares Maelstrom and round Merin's flame before I give him up!" (oh brother - Ed) *KBLAM* (you shot my framed photo of Ronald Reagan! You Bastard - Ed) FTR I've always been a sucker for this sort of mind-challenging clue-based thing. I have a Star Trek TNG version of the VCR game "Clue" to prove it. However I got the game 10 years ago, the fast-forward button on my remote has been missing for at least 15 years and I don't have a VCR. ..Best ..ever. Also I would prefer it if in some manner this involved vaginas but we take what we can get. (and the day is young - Ed) No I'm not a plant. or a fruit...Merin. or a vegetable...DJ and the rest of you lot of malcontents. (- Galaga51 -) Howdy Galaga! Atari2600 Forever Baby! oh right, I see you're still quite bonkos, WTFG! *points at foot* call me. Looks like it's you and me then willing to give this thing a go. I think you may be right about the connection to National Treasure 2 thing, or at least National Treasure hunting, because through an incredible feat of intellectual prowess neverbefore seen, heard or dreamed, the highest I, Mudd reality! where was I? (he punched the terms " : HBB" into the google search engine - Ed) Git. *push button, drop Anvil on Ed'* right, and I FOUND the illusive, or elusive, December 20th Mania Article in Question. and it is here: ((( ))) also "HBB" apparently stands for "Hill Billy Bob - Brewer" or possibly HillBillyBob Treasure, as I found the link to Mania's Dec 20th National Treasure article on the infobahn, here: ((( ))) So this is apparently a TREASURE HUNT..of sorts but for what? (advanced knowledge? - Ed) Eh. (Revlelations of the Illuminati ? - Ed) Eh. (Rebel Gold hidden in the American wild? - Ed) Eh. (Vaginas? - Ed) I'm in. mXm


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