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The Necessity Syndrome

Godzilla, Cobra Commander and the Angels of Death?

By Robert T. Trate     July 17, 2008

Neca’s Headknocker of the Creature From The Black Lagoon
Every once in a while we discover something that just won’t let us alone. Whether it is a TV show, comic book or movie, there is something that becomes a necessity in us to capture that same feeling we had when we discovered it. Often, many of us turn to action figures. Don’t believe me or understand? How many Star Wars figures did/ do you have? We loved it and want it to be a part of our lives. Obviously, as we get older the figures go from play toys to action figure collectibles and remain in their packages.
Last week I went to a 3-D screening of the Creature From the Black Lagoon. I originally saw the movie a long time ago on Turner Classic movies but never like this. It was a packed movie house, in 3-D and larger than life. Now, before I walked into the theater I saw a tiny plastic Creature From the Black Lagoon figureon a dealer’s table sitting outside. It was only ten bucks. I thought nothing of it until the final frame of the movie. There was something about the Creature that set him apart from his Universal counterparts. He wasn’t created in a lab, born into darkness or cursed for all time. The Creature was alive in a world that was constantly getting smaller. His story was sad because he’s not doing anything to be evil. He is simply acting out the way nature intended. I rushed outside to pick up this tragic hero to join my collection. Sadly, it was gone. At that moment it started. The necessity to capture that feeling all over again was on. I have to have a Creature From the Black Lagoon figure.
Quickly turning to eBay I discovered a mixture of old school models dating from as far back as 1963 to a sweet Sideshow Toy 8 inch figure. NECA currently has the rights to produce Universal Horror Headknockers and has captured the kitsch and coolness of the Creature perfectly (see header picture).
San Diego Comic Con TOY Exclusive Update:
By this time next week many of you, me included, will be in San Diego for the ultimate pop culture event. The exclusives are a big hit at the convention and for those of you who are going to preview night you’ll get the first crack at them. 
There is one figure that I have to have. When I was a kid I picked up the Marvel G.I. Joe comic and found its tone to be much different than the cartoon. The comic was a serious approach to Cobra and G.I. Joe’s struggle to stop them. Cobra Commander was extremely different and not the whiney brat he was on the show. True to his comic book incarnation (check out now classic 38th issue of Marvel’s G.I. Joe) this figure, with his podium and hand raised in world domination, will definitely be going home with me. The production numbers are yet to be announced but there are two different Cobra Commanders to pick from. There will be a black suit and blue suit figure. The one subtle difference is the Springfield Country Club crest on the blue suit Cobra Commander.

Check out the complete list of all the San Diego Comic Con Exclusives.

Monster Battle Royal of the week:
This week Mezco released an early image of their Angel of Death figure from Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. This deluxe figure stands over 13 inches tall and has a wing span of about 10 inches. Based on Guillermo del Toro’s design, she is a sight to behold and a perfect addition to the Hellboy 2: The Golden Army action figure line. I saw an early rendition up close at the New York Comic Con and she was downright creepy. This makes it perfect for its October release; probably coinciding with the film’s DVD release. However, Gentle Giant Studios is releasing their own maquette of Guillermo del Toro’s Angel of Death in the fall as well. Mezco states that theirs will be 1/3 the size but only 1/10 the price. 

Spotlight Toy of the Week:

Mattel added Godzilla to the Shogun Warrior Collection back in 1977. The shortest of the figures in the line, he was probably the most popular giant toy in households across America. Godzilla had flames that slide back in fourth from his mouth (it looked like a flaming tongue) and had a hand that shot off. If you never got to play or see one of these bad boys, trust me that flying hand could do some serious damage to an unsuspecting little brother. Godzilla didn’t walk too much but he did have wheels on his feet and cruised the kitchen floor in style. Good luck finding one in mint condition (especially one with the hand) and not paying an arm and a leg for him. For any toy collector he is a must have.

 Video Game updates:

James Bond is back in Quantum of Solace: the game. The game will be part first person shooter and a unique third person cover combat system. The game will have the same engine as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and will be released for the Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation 2, computer entertainment systems, the Nintendo Wii and DS. The release date has yet to be announced. 
Video Games Released this Week:
PS3, PS2 and PSP
Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity by American Game Factory (PSP)
NCAA Football 09 by Electronic Arts (PSP)
NCAA Football 09 by Electronic Arts (PS3)
NCAA Football 09 by Electronic Arts (PS2)
Popcap Greatest Hits Vol 2 by PopCap Games (PS2)
Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS
Mister Slime by South Peak Interactive (DS)
NCAA Football 09 by Electronic Arts (Wii)
Space Chimps by Brash Entertainment (Wii)
We Love Golf! by Capcom (Wii)
Xbox 360
NCAA Football 09 by Electronic Arts
Space Chimps by Brash Entertainment
Hawaiian Explorer Lost Island by Activision (Windows 2000 / 98 / Me / Vista / XP)
Space Chimps by Brash Entertainment (Windows Vista / XP)


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ultrazilla2000 7/17/2008 10:27:31 PM
I did indeed have the Shogun Warriors Godzilla toy, and I loved it very much! The firing fist actually scared me as a kid because that thing shot off so hard. I remember a couple times hitting myself in the face during play! I only wish they had kept the original Japanese mold for the U.S. release though. Originally, the toy had dorsal spines more accurate to the real Godzilla...but the spines were tearing apart the U.S. packaging during testing, so they opted for the generic small dragon spikes. So sad! A great figure though, especially if you can find the Rodan figure that was released as a sort of companion piece.
darkheart00 7/17/2008 11:45:00 PM
SDCC cannot get here fast enough !!!!!!!!


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