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We need your help

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By Troy Roberts     September 22, 2001

Two of two covers for Cinescape #53
© 2001 Mania Entertainment

How would you like to see a quote, from you, the reader, in the next issue of Cinescape Magazine? Well, here's your chance.

What we need is your thoughts on online gaming, online cheating, and what your standpoint is on these subjects. We'll pick a few of the best opinions, and publish them in our November/December issue. If you want credit, though, you'll have to include your name, city, and state along with the e-mail.

Get those e-mails in.

Addendum: We had a little problem with our e-mail accounts last night, meaning we didn't get a whole lot of  your e-mails. If you sent something in last night, send it again, just in case, to troy@cinescape.com. Also, we've removed the deadline because of this. So, get to sending.


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