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Neil Gaiman and his fear of 'Stardust'

    June 21, 2007

Neil Gaiman sweated out a recent screening of 'Stardust', based on his illustrated novel:

It was terrifying, in terms of sitting there. I was allowed to invite 50 friends -- not that anybody made that sort of an arbitrary rule, it was just that that was what you could fit into the screening theater -- so I invited 50 of my friends and I'm sitting there just praying that this thing was going to be good, and if it wasn't I would have 50 friends who would either, depending on the friend, give me serious sh*t about it, or just be terribly, terribly polite, and I'm not sure which one would have been worse. I loved it, but I really was holding my breath until my friends started coming out of the thing and just loving it, and coming up and telling me how much they loved it.


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