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Neil Gaiman Looks Beyond 'Stardust' And Into 'Death'

    June 21, 2007

MTV News reports on that other, long-gestating Neil Gaiman movie: 'Death: The Hight Cost of Living'...

So now that 'Stardust' is getting ready to hit theaters this summer...what's the status of all the other Neil Gaiman projects due for the big screen? Gaiman gave us the lowdown on all his upcoming film related works in a recent interview.Gaiman's still planning to direct 'Death: The High Cost of Living' himself but still no word on the cast or which studio. "It may still be New Line, but Warner Independent is keen on it too," he said. While he kept an eye out during 'Stardust' casting sessions for potentials for the role of Death herself, Gaiman is a little unsure whether Shia LaBeouf will still play Sexton. "Shia really wanted the part," Gaiman said, "and it's not that he's too big after 'Transformers,' or whether I could get him after he's in the new 'Indiana Jones,' but he's growing up fast. Can he pass for 17 for that much longer? That might have been just about it after 'Transformers.' He's becoming an adult, but he's one of 'Death's' biggest supporters, so I wouldn't be surprised if he were in it."


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