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Neil Gaiman talks 'Stardust'

By Rob M. Worley     June 14, 2007

Comic Book Resources chats up Neil Gaiman in an exclusive interview around 'Stardust'. Highlights:

I...spent most of the next five years saying no to people. There were lots of people who wanted to make "Stardust" movies and there were lots of chiefly beautiful young starlets and directors who would say, "We love 'Stardust,' we will give you lots of money, please give it to us and go away." I would say no and I kept it.

By a series of miss chances, Matthew [Vaughn] became a director. He hadn't planned to become a director, but they had the script for "Layer Cake" and Guy Ritchie was meant to have made it, but he didn't so Matthew did. Then [Matthew] went off to do "X-Men 3," but he sort of lost confidence in the script, the budget and various other things, so he came home. A week after he got home he phoned me up and asked, "Can I direct 'Stardust?'" I though about it and I thought, "You know, he's talked to me about his visions for 'Stardust' and it seems to be very much the thing I wrote, he loves it and I like and trust him.

And on the question of sequels...

I think I put up on my blog at one point a note about how, when they were talking about how we hadn't really come up with a good tag for the poster, I suggested, "Stardust - it's not a sequel to anything." Really, I would so much rather that it not being a sequel to anything remains that way. Could we do more films? Absolutely.


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