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Arcadia was once a beautiful world. Now it is a land under siege. Against the horrifying creatures known as Thanatos, there is only one known defense: Purifiers, rare humans gifted with the ability to exterminate the life-draining monsters. But Purifiers are few and the Thanatos are multiplying, so when the mysterious Nyx discovers 16-year-old Angelique, he becomes doubly committed to recruiting her for the team of Purifiers he is organizing.

Not only is Angelique a Purifier, she's the first female Purifier in recorded history. Moreover, there is an ancient prophecy Nyx is aware of: one of a woman with special powers, the "Queen's Egg," whose future will be inextricably tied to the fate of Arcadia!

Genre: Adventure, Magical Girl

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Region 1 - North America

Neo Angelique Abyss Season 1 Collection by Sentai Filmworks
Neo Angelique Abyss Season 2 Collection by Sentai Filmworks

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