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NES Version 2.0

Ah, the glory days of the NES have returned

By Troy Roberts and James Stevenson     April 02, 2004

Ah, the glory days of the NES have returned. Well, sort of. With the recent announcement of the NES version of the Game Boy Advance SP and the re-release of some old titles, the Game Boy Advance continues to impress.

Smell that in the air? Do you hear the blowing into the cartridges? Yes, its nostalgia folks and that's because we're getting some nice, new classics coming to the Game Boy Advance. I'm really glad I never picked up an E-Reader because it doesn't look like I'll need one. Kudos to Nintendo for coming up with the great idea to market classic NES titles on the GBA for a fairly cheap price. Why wasn't this done before? Oh, I don't care, just get me a copy of ZELDA, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II and GI JOE and I'll be one happy video game guy. - TR

As soon as Nintendo showed the new Famicom themed GBA SP in Japan, I wanted one. Now that the company is bringing out an American NES version of the GBA SP, I'm even more excited. What really makes this whole deal is the re-release of several classic NES games such as MARIO BROS. and THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. I'm really pumped about having these games with me on trips through the rest of the year and getting to replay some of my favorite games without having to tote around the E-READER and a stack of cards. At only 20 bucks, it's affordable for people who want to play those old-school games on the road. Now wear is the re-release of STARTROPICS? JS


EA has announced DEF JAM VENDETTA 2...Microsoft has dropped the price of the Xbox to $149.99...FIGHT NIGHT 2004 has gone gold and is scheduled to arrive in stores on the 6th...Nintendo has announced its plans for the sequel to PAPER MARIO to come to the GameCube...




is sure to get fans of the 'ole ballgame riled up, especially with the first-person mode. EA's FIGHT NIGHT 2004 looks to be one of the best boxing games ever made. NBA's NBA BALLERS will remind gamers of NBA JAM, and one-on-one-one action online is sure to excite. For the GameCube user, WARIOWARE MEGA PARTY GAMES will give you ADD --- in a good way.

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