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Spartacus: Delicate Things Review (Article) - 3/4/2010 12:02:29 AM

I was a bit iffy at first when the series started, but after the fight with the Shadow of Death, I was hooked. Frankly, I'm surprised seeing all of these men's comments that the sex is over the top. Personally, I love all the nudity, violence, and swearing. It makes it a little more spicy to watch. And the comment I saw about the show exposing too much male penis, alluding to its' gay connotations, was ridiculous. TV shows are always exposing women's breasts, so it's refreshing (as a woman) to finally see male actors exposed. Now, I realize that this show is not Shakespeare, and will probably never get any awards, but I thoroughly enjoy it for what it is: a violent, simple, sex fueled depiction of a classic story. If the violence and nudity is too much for some's sensibilities, then I suggest watching the Kirk Douglas version, and quit whining.

Heroes: The Art of Deception Review (Article) - 1/30/2010 1:52:09 AM

I agree with Ultrazilla, the lesbian thing does seem a little forced. Claire always makes me feel uncomfortable for her whenever they show a scene of Gretchen trying to hold her hand.  Also, I'm getting tired of Peter's dumbass antics. From season 1, he was always rushing into situations and making judgements without getting the full story. His head-first bravado (idiocy?) is getting very tiresome.

TRUE BLOOD: Frenzy Review (Article) - 9/2/2009 12:44:58 AM

NotAFan, the reason for ERW's decline in her looks over the past year can be attributed to her rekindled relationship with Marilyn Manson. I agree with most everyone's opinion that her acting was horrible!! It was such a disappointment when I heard she had been cast as the Queen, but I still gave it the benefit of the doubt. I think she may only be able to play spoiled, bitchy brats and that's the extent of her acting skills. Take the movie Thirteen, The Wrestler (which was an awesome movie), and now True Blood. I'm sure she's been in other things, but I haven't wanted to totally spend a day watching bad acting in order to find out if this trend continues. From what I understand, the Queen is 200 years old, yet she knows how to kill a maenad?? And Eric, who is over 1000 years old has to seek her advice?? And why isn't he a King?? I totally don't get the vampire heirarchy going on. And why wasn't Godric a King too??? They said she was the Queen of Louisiana, so does that mean there's a regent for every state? All I DO know for sure is that they've carried on this Maryann thing far too long, and she needs to die. I fear that if they extend her storyline another season, they're going to lose alot of fans....

The Strain Book Review (Article) - 8/1/2009 2:47:14 AM

I read this book in 4 days, and it was SO good, I couldn't put it down. I would have read it in 2 if something stupid called "work" didn't get in the way.....I will be eagerly awaiting books 2 and 3...too bad I have to wait until next year, though.

Top Maniacal Rumors: More Myers, Niles' Vampires and Clooney Ranger (Article) - 11/8/2008 3:57:10 PM

<p>Seriously, don't care about Wanted 2. What I&nbsp;did care about, was that a sequel was going to be made for a movie that didn't need to be remade in the first place......So, now, they've decided to make a Halloween 2???? There already IS a Halloween 2!! WTF?!?!</p>


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