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New ALISON DARE Mini-Series

Info on coming miniseries.

By Rob Allstetter     November 06, 2001

Cover art for the ALISON DARE trade paperback, LITTLE MISS ADVENTURES
© 2001 J. Torres and J. Bone

ALISON DARE & THE HEART OF THE MAIDEN, a two-issue mini-series, will debut on Jan. 18 from Oni Press.

The mini-series, by J. Torres and J. Bone, explores the mysterious nuns that run the boarding school of St. Joan's Academy.

"The recent single-issue stories in the RETURN OF mini-series was a lot of fun," Oni editor James Lucas Jones said. "But I was really anxious to see J. and J. cut loose on a longer tale. Torres is so good at structuring a story and Bone's artwork just keeps getting better and better. This mini gives them room to breathe but will leave audiences gasping for air."

"The idea for the HEART OF THE MAIDEN story actually arose out of some of our earliest work on Alison," Torres said. "Readers with a good memory will remember a story J. and I did for the Oni Press website that started to hint at the secrets hidden deep beneath Alison's school. Well, it's time Alison, Wendy, and Dot finally looked deeper into what their teachers are really about."

Following the new series, ALISON DARE, LITTLE MISS ADVENTURES, a new trade paperback collecting the three-issue RETURN OF mini-series, is set to arrive the February.


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