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cinemaman72 8/29/2012 9:21:32 AM

@parallaxview your comparison of the Original Star Trek picture with GL is in flawed. If you think about it Wrath of Khan was in essense a reboot of Star Trek just with the same iconic cast. Think about it every single film after that in some way reference the film before it, but Wrath never references the 1st film at all. Not in any way shape or form.

As for wanting to keep Ryan Reynolds, what possibly did he bring to that role to make you think that he wasn't one of the collossal problems with the first film. Did Reynolds embody anything of the spirit of the character of Hal Jordan? Again I think that GL missed on ever possible level right down to the riculous decision to make the suit a CGI greation and not stick with the classic design.

The only thing salvagle from the first film is, if Mark Strong (Sinestro) and Angela Basset (Amanda Waller) are still under contract keep them!

Recast everybody else

monkeyfoot 8/29/2012 9:40:56 AM

I want them to make this movie with hand puppets. That way you don't have to worry about different actors.


Hey, it's never been done before.

ElBaz13 8/29/2012 10:01:46 AM

Reboot GL? No thanks. It was proven that even a big star can't lead this character because he doesn't have lead material. This is exactly like Hulk and the Avengers movies. Hulk's box office success wasn't super but they at least stuck with version 2 and he was huge in Avengers.

The should just include the GL movie as part of the cinematic universe and continue on with the same origin with or without Reynolds.

As for re-casting Supes. Dumb! What if MOS is a success? Of course WB will want MOS 2 with Cavill. So we will have 2 Supes versions going on the same time. Basically the same issue WB would have had had the JL Immortal movie was produced and they had both the Bale Batman and Armie Hammer Batman.

WB/DC is a mess and frankly, do have their heads cut off and running around.

ElBaz13 8/29/2012 10:02:35 AM

At least there will be a DCU Batman and none of this Nolan crap.

Adam West for Thomas Wayne!

ElBaz13 8/29/2012 10:26:23 AM

I also think having a superteam movie the same summer as Avengers 2 is a bad idea.

I'm sure there will be some ribbing between Wise, Darh, myself vs Shac, Viteddie and maybe CEO if he comes back from exile if this happens but, I think it's a risk for DC and Warner. They don't want to play sloppy seconds here.

Their best bet is summer of 2014. No Marvel Studios movie that summer as Cap is April and GotG is November. Their only competition will be Amazing Spidey 2 in May. Having a JL movie on the July 4th weekend that summer can be huge and a great opportunity to one-up Marvel's Avengers 1 and see how Marvel answers back with Avengers 2.

just my 2 cents.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 8/29/2012 10:33:00 AM

I have a feeling that no matter how bad Justice League is that it's going to make gangbusters just because it has all the characters in it. Which will probably lead up to bad sequels. The same with Avengers - though that was an actually good movie - I think there was no way to fail. I'm sure it would have hit big without all the lead up to it.

I like the idea that they plan on doing it the reverse Avengers way - it ought to be interesting but the bad thing about that is if one of the actors turn out as a horrible Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc then you relatively killed of that characters solo franchise unless you reboot the character - and the case of Superman and Batman AGAIN.

And I hope they take in a fantastical direction I hope it's more like Nolan's films with fantasy than more like Burton's films.  And I hope the tone was a little more serious than Avengers.  I know it sounds like a weird complaint - and it's only minor - but Avengers was a little too comic booky to me. Yes, I'm aware it's based off comics.  I might even mean campy.

Rizing 8/29/2012 11:22:23 AM

Dear Warner Bros./DC: Stay in your lane. March to your own drum beat. Justice League can be done, but it doesn't have to be rush job for the sake of matching the success of The Avengers. Doing that would be disastrous!

Warner Bros. ought to be proud that instead of imitating Marvel Studios, they've had tremendous success showing a very grounded take on Batman, which they seem to be doing now with Superman. It's a boon for them to have Chris Nolan. They've also enjoyed success with Watchmen and a slew of amazing animated features which trump all of Marvel's animated junk.

I didn't think Green Lantern was completely bad. They can do a sequel/reboot like they did with The Incredible Hulk. Bring Ryan Reynolds back. Mark Strong is a great Sinestro and he's ready for a fight.

jedibanner 8/29/2012 11:32:10 AM

I think in some ways DC is doomed to failed whatever they decide to do:

- If they do movies for each of the character first then do a JLA movie, they will be seen as if they are just copying Marvel

- If they do a JLA movie first, it will be another reboot wayyy too soon after the last Batman and Superman movie.

- And recasting Superman again? How many times within a spend of 5 years can someone play a character?

And let's not forget, Bryan Reynold IS the reason GL sucked, he wasn't Hal Jordan, he wasn't acting like Hal Jordan and he didn't portray Hal Jordan...he played Van Wilder with a ring on it, that's it.

I don't really care what DC is doing since I don't really like their characters but if it was done right, it could generate interest...looks like it won't because from what they plan to do, it will just fail.

aegrant 8/29/2012 12:12:25 PM

I always thought the end of GL would have been a great tie-in for Superman. The could of had  Supes come to the rescue and save GL from falling into the sun.

and yes i think a reboot - or  at least a better director with a better, more flushed out story would be a good way to turn GL around. And they should have MOS tie in with JL, but that is where Marvel has gotten their sh!t together compared to DC. Oh how I wish they could get the rights back for the FF and X-Men like they are going to for DD

thezillaman 8/29/2012 12:17:07 PM

i could be wrong here though im getting the feeling that the new MOS movie with HC, is not going to live up to what they had high hopes for. that's BAD', no faith in what they are doing.  and another batman movie in 2015, makes me want to puke, hold on i think i did ,,ahh much better now, o.k not realy,  i think its pathetic how they keep making money on just one powerless character.  just incase they do, i hope there nothing like the NOLAN crap fest, there was no magic or fantasy in the nolan batman films. hell Bane was not even Bane?!!  and yes TB did have that magical fantasy feel to his batman movies.  after batman returns the rest have been a total live action cartoon, then comes NOLAN'S batman and bores us to fucking death.  so if' they do bring back this batcrap at least put some hardcore action in it and pleanty of it with fantasy and stay true to the Villains.  dam DC is so dumb. .they could have at least made Martian Manhunter movie and have it end with batman helping him and bringing him in the circle of JL, and introducing Hawkman, from Thanager planet coming to earth, causing some friction with some of JL, superheroes. like the flash, here alone you have 5 DC superheroes, setting up for more. juist an idea.  WTFE DC, listen to the fans listen to us here ..

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