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Tommygunner9 8/30/2012 7:57:27 PM

 Obviously DC hasn't learned anything from Marvel.How are they gonna not have Cavil play Superman or Reynolds play GL.I understand that they probabally can't get Bale back for Justice League but I think they're crazy to not keep Cavil & Reynolds in this movie.I think GL got a bad shake,I actually thought it was good but yeah it could've been better,but recasting Superman right after seeing someone else play him is just crazy.Its gonna be hard enough not seeing bale as Batman.So they should really think about whqt theyre doing.If they were smart they should shoot something & tack it on the end of Man Of Steel to hint at a possible Justice League team-up.And I would throw the bank @ Bale to try to get him on board cuz if they could then they may just have something that could really rival the Avengers.But from the sounds of it it looks to me like they're gonna really drop the ball here & they're gonna rush a justice league movie just to have one.But who knows I guess time will tell

SarcasticCaveman 8/31/2012 1:34:26 AM

 That's what I'm talking about, Tommy...Cavill not playing Superman...is that the fault of Cavill or the fault of Zack Snyder?  That's why I asked when will WB reign in the egos of their actors and directors?  It seems that at WB everybody wants to do their own thing and not play with others...they REALLY need to play with others if they want to contend with Marvel.

ElBaz13 8/31/2012 2:41:15 PM


You got it with the ego thing. Even when WB was talking of a JL movie several years ago,the current Supes at the time, Routh, said he didn't want to. Both Bale and Routh said no so that's why they were looking at other actors. Cavill is probably the one here since Snyder would is a comic geek and would live JL.

This is why Marvel told Ed Norton to take a hike. 

lracors 9/2/2012 7:51:48 AM

What DC should have done but didn't.

Man of Steel

Wonder Woman set in the present with flashback's to WW2.  She's back because her WW2 enemy escaped and has now resurfaced - Ares.  Credits end with Clark typing a story for the planet, "Wonder Woman Back!"

Batman - John Blake takes over as the Bat.  He has to deal with Hugo Strange (who has interviewed/interragated the Scarecrow and has figured out he's not the original bat).  As Strange tries to discredit Batman, the Bat is dealing with another issue the rise of "The Penguin" in the crime underground.  Blake finds out the Cobblepot is being backed by LexCorp however the evidence is destoryed.  Bruce returns (recast actor since Bale won't do it) and he manages to discredit Strange.  Bruce comes back as the Bat and Blake decides to become Nightwing.  Credits have Bruce reading articles on the computer screen, "Wonder Woman Back!", "Who is the Man of Steel", and "LexCorp Articles".

Trinity - Adaptation of the first meeting of the Big Three

Green Lantern - Soft Reboot (origin in credits) Hal is in space and discovered that the previously long though dead Manhunters exist and are intent on wiping out the OA they are using yellow based attacks.  Hal works with Sinestro as a partner.  Sinestro becomes disenchanted with the OA and Hal since the OA ends up working with Hal.  Sinestro leaves the OA at the end of the film.  Credits have the OA telling Hal that they think the last son of Krypton has surfaced on Earth and to investigate.

Flash - Barry Allen and Professor Zoom (working for LexCorp) in a dual origin story one showing Barry's rise to hero and Zoom's decent into madness.  Zoom ends up killing Iris (Barry's fiance) and Barry manages to expell him to the future unaware that they have the ability to travel through time when moving fast enough.  Credits have a dispondant Barry in Gotham.  He encounters Bruce (in Bat garb) who tells him, "You look like your lost.  Want to talk?"

Justice League - Do the Legion of Doom type storyline with Lex, Braniac, Ares, Professor Zoom, The Penguin and Sinestro.  Credits would have the remnants of Braniac in space being found by an alien ship and taken to Darksied.

monelonmonday 9/2/2012 11:24:52 AM

why is it that DC directers dont wont their movie in a dc uniververse first nolan now snyder,

st8fromvegas 9/2/2012 11:47:18 AM

preach on iracors,loved how you thought it all out.

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