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THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES: Gotham City Enforcement Team

Hasbro debuts the first-ever Commisioner Gordon figure.

By Dan Cziraky     July 10, 2001

The Gotham City Enforcement Team contains familiar figures of Batman and Nightwing.
© 2001 Hasbro

Hasbro has finally heeded the pleas of Batman fans, producing the first ever Commissioner Gordon figure based on THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES. (Of course, fans have only been asking for this figure ever since BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES-inspired toys first debuted back in 1994!) The latest Toys 'R' Us exclusive four-pack features Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, and the Gordon figure. Here's a quick rundown:


  • Batman: This is the same design Hasbro has been using since the first TNBA figures came out, only the inside of the character's plastic [IMG3R]cape has been painted the same shade of gray as his tights. Not very conducive for blending into shadows, wouldn't you agree? His accessory is some kind of trap device that I'm not familiar with, but rest assured it comes from some other Batman toy.

  • Nightwing: Another reissue of the first TNBA Nightwing, only with a launching grappling hook and shield. Nothing new here, I'm sorry to say.

  • Commissioner Gordon: Well, at least they finally made it, but I'm not terribly thrilled with it. Instead dressing the character in his swanky tan trench coat, this is Gordon with his jacket off and his shirtsleeves rolled up. In other words, it's a desk-bound Gordon. Yes, boys and girls, thrill as the Commissioner sits behind his desk and lets Batman do all the work! Although he has a gun molded into his shoulder holster, Hasbro threw in two oversized pistols that originally were packaged with a Joker figure. (At least they molded them in black, instead of their original, fluorescent pink!)


  • Batgirl: This is the Wind Blitz Batgirl from the first series of "Crime Squad" figures, repainted to match her TNBA costume. I think this is her second time in one of these TRU exclusive 4-packs. Her accessory is an old projectile gun from the "Legends of Batman" Crusader Batman figure, molded in brighter colors.

    It was recently announced that Hasbro let the Batman license lapse and that DC Direct is planning to launch an all-new line of Batman figures for the direct-sales comic shop market. Frankly, I'd like to see McFarlane Toys get their hands on the Batman license. Wouldn't you love to see a McFarlane-inspired version of The Joker or Catwoman?


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