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New BATTLESTAR GALACTICA taps old characters?

Producers will bring back favorites in forms... unknown

By Christopher Allan Smith     June 28, 2001

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA exec producers Billy Brown (left) and Dan Angel
© 2001 Angel Brown Productions

In an interview with the company website,, the producers of the new Sci Fi Channel update of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA are promising the return of characters from the 1970s incarnation of the show. Which ones? Well, that's where we get into a gray area.

"Some of the characters will be revived," said producer Billy Brown.

Added co-producer Dan Angel, "All that is in discussion stage right now, but absolutely, the intention is to keep in the spirit of what was there before and to preserve--as Billy said--what was there. Hopefully, what we're trying to aim for is, there will be new characters, there will be some of the old characters. But since it's not totally written and totally signed off on--and also because there's such a huge fan base--we don't want to get out false rumors and have people, like, go crazy. But I think one thing we can say is that we're very much aware of the old fans. ... We want to honor the old show. We don't want to violate anything. It's like, if you watch the show, you're not going to go, 'Oh, well, they totally contradicted what was in the old show.' There won't be any contradictions, but there will be a taking it further and taking it further in time."

When asked what the premiere of the series might hold, and bear in mind Bryan Singer (X-MEN) is a creative force behind the show, Brown said, "It does take place in a not-so-distant future from the end of the old show. It's going to be a sprawling, family saga that is set amongst the travails and adventures of the human colony."



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