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New Bat-writers

4 titles get new writers.

By Rob Allstetter     October 25, 2001

© 2001 DC Comics

DC Comics has announced new writers for ROBIN, NIGHTWING, BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS and BIRDS OF PREY.

"This is a really exciting time to work on the Dark Knight's adventures," says Bob Schreck, BATMAN group editor. "We're going from THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN mini-series to the 'Bruce Wayne: Murderer?' and 'Bruce Wayne: Fugitive' storylines, and now we've got a whole slew of new voices and new directions for some of DC's most intriguing characters."

The new writers are as follows:

ROBIN: Following the extra-sized 100th issue of ROBIN, which Chuck Dixon will co-write with new writer Jon Lewis, recipient of a Xeric Grant. Lewis becomes the series' regular writer with #101 in April.

"Jon's got a unique voice, and he's going to be steering the Teen Wonder in some very interesting and exciting directions," says ROBIN editor Matt Idelson. "Bob Schreck suggested I take a look at TRUE SWAMP, and I liked what I saw enough to ask Jon if he wanted to take a stab at ROBIN."
NIGHTWING: Devin Grayson moves over to this title from BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS, beginning with NIGHTWING #71 in July.

"This is the assignment Devin's wanted for years," says NIGHTWING editor Michael Wright. "To say she's enthusiastic would be an understatement, and that enthusiasm is spilling over into everything she writes for the book."

BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS: Scott Beatty takes over, tentatively beginning with issue #32, in stores in August.

"Scott's really established himself as a writer who understands Batman and all the other characters that populate his world, which makes him the perfect choice for GOTHAM KNIGHTS," series editor Schreck says. "The name of the game in this book is teamwork, so it'll be interesting to see where Scott takes it."

BIRDS OF PREY: STRANGERS IN PARADISE creator Terry Moore takes over BIRDS OF PREY with #47, reaching stores in September.

"We're delighted to have Terry Moore coming on board for BIRDS OF PREY. I've been into his work on STRANGERS IN PARADISE for years, as he's one of the best - maybe THE best - writer of female characters out there. What better book for him to take on?" said Lysa Hawkins, who takes over editing with the same issue.


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