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New BOND Book in 08

By Jarrod Sarafin, News Editor     July 11, 2007
Source: Associated Press

James Bond (Sir Sean Connery) and Ian Fleming on the set of DR. NO.

A new James Bond book has been announced as coming out in 2008 from British author Sebastian Faulks. The book has been approved by the Ian Fleming estate (the original author died in 1964) and it will be released in what would have been Fleming's 100th year had he lived to see it. The title for the new 007 tale is DEVIL MAY CARE.

"My novel is meant to stand in the line of Fleming's own books, where the story is everything," Faulks, whose books include "Birdsong,""Charlotte Gray" and the upcoming "Engleby," said in a statement issued Tuesday by Doubleday.

"In his house in Jamaica, Ian Fleming used to write a thousand words in the morning, then go snorkeling, have a cocktail, lunch on the terrace, more diving, another thousand words in the late afternoon, then more martinis and glamorous women. In my house in London, I followed this routine exactly, apart from the cocktails, the lunch and the snorkeling."



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CappyMorgan 7/11/2007 12:39:00 PM
I have to admit, I've been less than impressed by most of the books following Fleming's writing. An exceptioin might be the Authorized Biography of James Bond. I'd prefer, instead of giving us the modern Bond, to just pick up where Fleming left off. Keep Bond in that time and keep the villians. That, to me, would be more fun.
poltergeist 7/11/2007 8:02:44 PM
I agree with you, Cap. What I'd even like better, would be to see new Bond movies also set in that era.


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