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New Captain America TV Spot

The latest TV spot from Paramount's Captain America: The First Avenger.

By Jarrod Sarafin     June 29, 2011
Source: Paramount Pictures, Marvel

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Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios have revealed their sixth official TV spot for Captain America: The First Avenger. You can watch it down below. The latest advertisement comes just a week after the two studios passed along their latest full trailer for the summer tent pole.

The action-adventure stars Chris Evans, The film also stars Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving, Sebastian Stan, Toby Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Dominic Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, Derek Luke and Neal McDonough. Helmer Joe Johnston led in the director's chair, based on a script by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

Plot Concept: The story will focus on the early days of the Marvel Universe when Steve Rogers volunteers to participate in an experimental program that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits 3D/2D theaters July 22, 2011.



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Darkknight2280 6/30/2011 4:15:16 AM

Captain America will RULE the summer!! I saw this the other night while watching Attack of the Show on G4. I wet my pants and after grabbing a mop i just screamed! lol I cant freakin wait. All the trades say this is going to be the best true super hero movie to date (Dark knight is more of a crime drama in my mind) better than Iron Man. I think it has that potential by just seeing the trailers! They seem to be staying pretty damn faithful without seeming hokey. But the truth will only come to pass on July 22nd!! Cant wait!

Wiseguy 6/30/2011 5:33:30 AM

Ditto that Darkknight but TDK sucked so this should be better by a mile. Oh wait since you classified as a crime/drama which is really what it is maybe suck is too strong, it was ok

But yeah everything seems to hint at greatness here. First I was always optimistic and second I really hope it's true just so that Johnston can finally get the love he deserves. No he's not hated but I think underappreciated would be about right.

Now I don't want to see any more clips or snippets til the 22nd, but that's not likely.

axia777 6/30/2011 6:41:10 AM

Captain America will kick ass.  This I decree.

But this....

"Wiseguy 6/30/2011 5:33:30 AM
Ditto that Darkknight but TDK sucked..."

...I could not disagree with more.

RantMaster 6/30/2011 6:57:30 AM

I had to jump on this comment board as I saw some TDK hate and I love me some TDK hate.  No other movie moment has ever made me do a facepalm like when the Joker was left with alone with the fat cop and the broken glass handcuffed in the front.  Hannibal Lecter was totally restrained and found a cool and inventive way to escape.  You would think that these people never read any Batman classics such as year one and the dark Knight returns as they would understand the character much better.  Ny son is playing LA NOire and as much as I liked some parts of Arkham Asylum I want a batman like LA noire open world of Gotham city with Batmobile batboat and bat cycle missions, a good detective aspect and some awesome weapons and fight moves.  Give Batman to Rockstar games WB ASAP.  Oh and looking forward to Captain America too!!!

Darkknight2280 6/30/2011 7:09:40 AM

Yeah as a Superhero movie TDK sucked! But as a crime drama it was great! I mean Batman was hardly in the damn movie! Nolan better have more batman in TDKR!! YES Wiseguy Cap will be Epic and Johnston does deserve more credit then he has gotten over the years! I enjoyed the feel of rocketeer and i liked Wolfman...hes great at period peices! This will be his swan song as a director i think!

Rantmaster:  Totally agree about leaving the joker!?!?! Total facepalm On a side note best face palm moment in movie history where people ACTUALLY face palm would have to be Naked Gun 331/3 at the oscars when frank gives up the bomb and the The whole audience face palms at once! EPIC!!

lazarus 6/30/2011 8:05:39 AM

First of all, if you are into Batman being more comicy then go see the Schumaker films. They are attempting to actually bring the Batman mythos into our reality. Which is cool because the believability rises greatly. Second, this confirms they are going to address the finding Cap in the ice, which is what I was wanting. Good. This is by far the most promising film after Thor. Gee both made by Marvel, go figure.

Wacko 6/30/2011 8:43:59 AM

I think it's obvious to say that Marvel is a better universe than DC.  Hence having a better foundation of movies.  DC has always been that over the top, beyond reality, beyond the universe story lines.  Where Marvel has kept the stories frimly rooted in day to day trials and tribulations (alcoholism, paying rent, saving humanity and not being accpeted).  This is not to say the DC doesn't have it's finer points, it's just that with foundation laid in a way that is more palitable, more relatable scenario, it is an easier translation/transition from comic to film.

EagleManiac 6/30/2011 9:16:31 AM

This looks like total crap! Cannot believe you all are excited about this!!!

hehehehe.....JUUUUUUST kidding! This one looks really good, and I will definitely be there to catch it in the theaters on opening weekend! Chris Evans is proving he's a better actor than what we saw in Fantastic Four. He was good in Push as well, even though the movie was OK.

I see this one being on par with Iron Man, and that's VERY good thing!!! Can't wait!


EagleManiac 6/30/2011 9:18:39 AM

I agree with The Wiseman....TDK DID absolutely SUCK! Bad movie. Just plain BAD! Iron Man was superior to TDK in every way, and I predict Captain America will be more on par with Iron Man, and THANK GOD for that!

Darkknight2280 6/30/2011 9:20:02 AM

I dont want Batman more comicy (if thats a word) I just think if its gonna be about Batman...SHOW BATMAN! He had maybe 20 mins of screen time as Batman. I liked the movie, i though it was great! Thats my only gripe that and the joker not being restrained


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