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Plus: WHITEOUT, WOLVERINE 2, DC Deal and more!

By Rob M. Worley     September 11, 2009
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SUPERMAN/ BATMAN coming in 2015
© Manian

New Clip from 'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies'. Plus: 'Whiteout' reviews are in. 'Wolverine 2' details discussed. DC Deal in-depth and more! Remembering those lost, it's your Comics2Film 9.9.11



Hood talks WOLVERINE 2

Latino Review chatted with director Gavin Hood and producer Lauren Schuler Donner about the upcoming release of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' on DVD and Blu-Ray.

The new disc includes the usual behind the scenes material. One point of curiosity may be a deleted scene which includes a young version of Storm.

Hood talked about the sequel to the film. Past mentions from star/producer Hugh Jackman have indicated that the next 'Wolverine' movie will follow the Claremont/Miller Japan storyline. Hood agrees that that's the way to go and speculates on what may lie ahead for the franchise after that.

"I just think that the Japanese story is so iconic and beautiful and could be so visual. That’s the one and I’m reluctant to talk about others because I know Len [Wein]’s writing others now," Hood said. "And honestly, here’s the truth: if the Japanese story works, there might be another sequel. And if it doesn’t, there won’t be. You can get ahead of yourselves by sort of stirring up rumors of what might be. I’m not going to even go there.

Furthermore, Hood isn't even sure if he's directing 'Wolverine 2'.

"Right now I’m not attached. Nobody’s attached. They’re developing a script and we’ll see where everybody is. I’m hoping to be shooting something next year and I don’t think that ‘Wolverine’ will be ready for next year," Hood explained. "I haven’t been approached one way or another. The studio is obviously very cautious. They want to see how Wolverine does on DVD. Let them develop the script, let’s see what the script looks like, let’s see how the studio feels about the script, how Hugh feels about it and then we’ll take it from there."



Behind the  Visual Effects of SOLOMON KANE

'Solomon Kane' is set to screen at this week's Toronto International Film Festival as part of the "Midnight Madness" program.

The blogs at the (poorly organized and terribly slow) TIFF website have an in-depth Q & A with Paul Jones, the FX designer on the film.

'Solomon Kane' is screening Wednesday,  September 16  at 11:59PM at the RYERSON and Thursday, September 17 at 03:15PM at SCOTIABANK THEATRE 1.

Any of you Maniacs attending the TIFF? Check out Solomon Kane and let us know how it is!

Thanks to Desdichado for the submission.



Sony Classics Acquires TAMARA DREWE

Variety reports that Sony Pictures Classics has picked up the U.S. and Latina America distribution rights to Stephen Frears' comic-based film 'Tamara Drewe'.

The film stars Gemma Arterton in the title role of a young newspaper columnist who returns to the country village of her youth and stirs up dark passions among the locals.

Also cast are Dominic Cooper, Roger Allam, Luke Evans, Bill Camp and Tamsin Greig.

The distribution deal is said to be in the mid-seven figures.




The reviews are in for for 'Whiteout', based on Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber's excellent graphic novel. Predictably (the movie has been in storage for over a year) the reviews are pretty chilly. Pretty, pretty chilly.

Comic Book Resources writes, "'Whiteout' is a completely competent adaptation of its source and will be an enjoyable film to some. While it never seems to take the material into truly interesting cinematic places, it does not assassinate the character of the book either."

And that, we're afraid, is as good as it's gonna get for 'Whiteout'.

Variety - "Its stunning natural landscape notwithstanding, Antarctica-set thriller 'Whiteout,' a frozen concoction of red herrings, incongruous plot points and thinly developed characters, will leave auds cold."

The Hollywood Reporter - "Stupefying journey to the bottom of the earth."

IGN - 2 (out of 5) - "Despite having both a cool premise and great setting for a thriller, Whiteout is a boring, factory-made whodunit that's quickly snowed under by stupidity and genre cliches. The story, the direction, the performances are all done by rote. It's ultimately a tired TV cop show plot made noteworthy only because of its setting..."

The modern barometer for movie reviews is Rotten Tomatoes which sees the film scoring a dismal (and perhaps unprecedented?) 2% with 46 reviews counted so far.



WHITEOUT script leaked

The site has posted what looks to be a copy of the 'Whiteout' movie script. The script bears no markings of date or authorship so it's unclear if this is close to the one that was filmed.

If the reviews haven't scared you off, then you can read the script online or download it here.



Eckhart on BATMAN 3

Spoiler! Aaron Eckhart insists Two-Face died at the end of 'The Dark Knight' although that's done nothing to deter intrepid web reporters from asking him if he's going to be in the sequel to Christopher Nolan's smash superhero movie.

In the latest round of questioning the actor (who would like to promote his new movie 'Love Happens') told MTV Splash Page he hasn't given the sequel any thought, nor has he exerted one iota of effort towards convincing Nolan to revive his character. However, if the opportunity ever came up, he'd certainly do 'Batman 3'.



Nelson, Levitz talk DC Entertainment

Comic Book Resources scored and exclusive, in-depth Q & A with Diane Nelson, new chief of DC Entertainment, Inc. and Paul Levitz, outgoing publisher.

Here are some excerpts from Nelson:

...with DC Entertainment, we’ll want to look at what is the portfolio of properties in what we’ll call Phase 1 – I’m making that up right now – but if we plan to announce some meat on the bone in January/February in terms of a theatrical slate, television initiatives and video game slate -- and that’s our goal, to give you more detail on what those initial priorities will be -- that will be a piece of it. But equally it will be about looking at the library and identifying priorities that may be smaller -- again, in the vein of incubation, where we move them within the company, perhaps on a smaller, more careful level. It’s going to be two-fold: the business and the process of how to set this up to be most effective for the future, and then it’s going to be looking at the library and picking priorities and initiatives to focus on. It’s sort of that simple.

and, as to whether or not DC Entertainment is going to take control of all DC Comics film properties:

...Accelerated? Yes. Take control of? No. The culture of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment is about cooperation, integration and focus. I think via focus you will see it’s not acceleration, but again a prioritization and a real focus on the properties you just named and a whole lot of others. We are also, though, a company that is about quality, so there will not be a rushing of our product for product’s sake. That’s not what Warner Bros. does. But I do think what you will see by virtue of all of this is a renewed prioritization and a real passion amongst all our businesses to bring more and more of these properties – both the big ones you mentioned and a whole bunch of others – to fans.

The interview is recommended reading for all who are curious about the deal. Click through for the complete transcript.




Warner Premiere has released a cool new clip from 'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies', featuring a meet-up between the Man of Steel and President Lex Luthor, which is disrupted by Metallo.

Check out the clip. The movie lands on the home video market September 29th.




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avidfan 9/11/2009 7:18:05 AM

That was a cool clip.  Will definately get this.

shac2846 9/11/2009 7:25:51 AM

That's sad about Whiteout, the comic is really good. Damn shame!

Muenster 9/11/2009 7:33:04 AM

Clancy Brown back as Lex again. Good.

animefanjared 9/11/2009 8:03:35 AM

Getting more excited about Superman/Batman Public Enemies.  I haven't read the comics its based on, but the concept sounds cool.  And it would be worth check out just for the voice cast (can't wait to hear Clancy Brown reprise his role as Lex).

Matador 9/11/2009 8:16:44 AM

Must have on Bluray Superman & Batman Public Enemies!

Wiseguy 9/11/2009 8:29:59 AM

It'll be interesting to see if Fox will have Hood return for Wolverine 2. I liked Wolverine but it still fell short of my expectations and a lot of people didn't like it at all. We know the studio supposedly meddled with his take on the film so we'll see if they give him another shot, I doubt it.

No surprise about Whiteout, I said a while back that usually when films keep getting pushed back like this one was it means they suck and the studio doesn't have any confidence in it. Still may check it out though

After eading that interview at CBR it sounds like they want to develop the smaller less known characters more than the iconic ones the way this Nelson kept bringing up the smaller properties. The fact that she knows nothing about comics is troubling to me, that's key IMO to be able to do what she claims is her goal. I hope she's a quick study. Like I said before, the proof will be in the pudding. Early next year when they celebrate the 75th anniversary they better have some exciting news of what they're doing.

DC looks like they got another winner. Love their animated films

jedibanner 9/11/2009 8:38:58 AM

Animation looks so-so though.

You would think in this day and age the animation would be better....Might way and see before I shed 25$ on this.

Wiseguy 9/11/2009 9:15:58 AM

Really? I think only the part where Metallo is punching Supes looks a bit off, almost like the punches ain't connecting, everything else looked pretty damn good IMO. I think they just got lousy stuntmen for the fight

CardinalSin 9/11/2009 9:53:30 AM

Wow, I already spotted a mess up with the cartoon.  When Superman first falls against the limo he grabs the rearview mirror and crushes it.  Then when Luthor escapes off and Superman throws the tire at Metallo the rearview is intact.  Kind of a letdown that somebody missed that.  I wonder how many more corners they cut while doing this film? Hmmmmmm?

hanso 9/11/2009 10:27:18 AM

Gavin Hood should be let go.

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