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ddiaz28 7/5/2010 7:54:16 AM

srm1270 ... the voice doesn't sound like Wormtail.

Another spoiler alert...




I'm assuming you are asking because Wormtail should be dead by that point.  That's a pretty significant scene since Wormtail's hesitation in killing Harry kills himself instead.  They would never change something that major.





horcruxx 7/5/2010 8:40:35 AM

Agreed, that is not a scene that can be taken to another place and have the same effect on the story, it has to happen on the basement of Malfoy Manor.

makabriel 7/6/2010 7:29:39 AM

 Ddiaz.  As far as "long and epic" fights go, I'm not sure which one you're talking about, because as far as epic standoff fights go, in the book it was disappointingly short..


ddiaz28 7/6/2010 7:54:16 AM

I'm talking about the whole Battle of Hogwarts.  If you think I was referring to only Harry and Voldemort's final "standoff", you are right, it was short in the book, but from the trailer, it looks like they've extended that a bit.

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