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New Details For CrossGen Projects

By Rob M. Worley     August 14, 2002

An article inlast week's Hollywood Reporterfollowed up on the recent announcements of show-biz developments for CrossGencomics.

As we reportedover a week ago, Chuck Russell (The Scorpion King) is set to writeand direct the martial arts action-adventure The Way of the Rat.The movie will be developed through partner Frank Darabont's Dark Woods Prods.for Castle Rock Entertainment.

"Chuck andI tend to respond to the same things," Darabont told The Reporter."This kind of material, this wonderful, magical storytelling is so upChuck's alley that this was a no-brainer. It's got a talking monkey -- what'snot to like?"

The write-upalso shed new light on the TV series based on CrossGen's Sigil.The show is set up with Threshold Entertainment, the creative minds behindthe Mortal Kombat movies and TV shows. Threshold prexy LarryKasanoff told The Reporter that writer-director-producer Steven E. deSouza (Knight Rider) is now on board as showrunner. Threshold willtake Sigil out to networks in the next few week.

"We fell inlove with Sigil," Kasanoff said of the project. "They'rein spaceships in the future, and they're all 19-20 years old. The lead characterhas this unrequited love. It's great drama within a world of sultans andwarlords."

In regards to Meridianthe Reporter article reveals that Cornerstone Animation chairman andchief creative officer Larry Whitaker will co-author a script for the animatedfeature with an eye towards directing it as well. they hope to go intoproduction on it next year.


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