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goatartist 5/31/2013 10:07:31 AM

 Nobody metions Card in any form of press. Hilarious.

DarkXid 5/31/2013 11:11:45 AM

Asa Butterball?

Wiseguy 5/31/2013 12:36:48 PM

Can't wait for this, looks great.

But THOR will be laying the hammer down on it the following weekend

ignitethepages 6/1/2013 6:29:43 AM

I need to read this book.

dnbritt 6/1/2013 2:05:35 PM

Goatartis, surely the man isn't allowed to have an personal opinion!  What do you think this is, America?!

blankczech 6/1/2013 4:44:14 PM ignitethepages...I'm sad I never read the book...even though several friends have been recommending  it to me, for what seems like forever.  Now I'm afraid it's too late, because it will ruin the movie for me.  I've never seen a movie based on a book that I've read, which was as good as the book.   It's difficult to do justice to a novel in a 2 hour movie, and even though CGI is awesome the effects never measure up to the images the book conjures up in my imagination.



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