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redhairs99 2/20/2014 11:52:25 AM

Good Luck with your surgery, Laz.

Overall, I didn't have too much of a problem with the casting in the original 2 FF movies.  My problems with them stemmed from the terrible version of Dr. Doom and Galactus they gave us.  I thought the rest of the movies were pretty fun.  Flawed, yes, terrible no.  If you want terrible, just look at the Eleckra movie.

This casting here just doesn't makes sense as others have stated.  I have no problem with a black Johnny Storm, but why force unneeded story points by making Sue white?  


ThunderJessica 2/20/2014 11:53:33 AM

 I actually prefer both Tim Story and Rodger Corman's cast(s)  of the Fantastic 4.  This cast I know they are trying the Ultimate Comics but 


Reed Richards-I'll be nice and give this a bye


Johnny/Sue Storm- Are they going to be related in the movie?  If they are related could they be cousins instead of Brother/Sister?  Either way not to crazy about the casting of Johnny Storm


Ben Grim- Bring back Michael  Chiklis.


I could excepte this cast if Jamie Bell Played Johnny and  Michael B Jordan Played Ben Grimm.


Eldogg42 2/20/2014 11:56:51 AM

Toran, those casting u mentioned were fine because they didn't change the back story of those characters. And, I don't think anyone is critiquing the acting chops of any of these actors.  We are outraged by how the actors just don't fit the part.  Besides, Kerry Washington's character could of easily been removed entirely and the film would not of changed.  FOX is bastardizing this franchise.  The first two movies are gonna look like oscar films once this gets released.  And don't go on about how these characters were created back in the sixties so there were no black heroes so now its ok to change the whole dynamic of the team just to be politically correct.  Lets do Black Panther and Luke Cake with white actors and lets see how many people will be all right with those choices.

Wiseguy 2/20/2014 12:32:15 PM

Guys guys just remember,

Captain America TWS -  April 4, 2014


Avengers AoU - May 1, 2015 

Glass half full people, glass half full

FerretJohn 2/20/2014 12:36:13 PM

As much as I prefer a Wait and See approach on movies I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else here: REALLY bad casting!  Invisible Woman is okay, Mr. Fantastic I'm willing to give a try, The Thing?  Anybody who isn't Michael Chiklis is second-rate, and a black Johnny Storm just isn't going to work at all!  I am not hopeful with this.

KungPow 2/20/2014 12:46:01 PM

This property will be just second rate until Marvel gets it back into their hands, just like the new Spiderman movie that looks like crap.  The casting for this movie is just so wrong, LoL.

axia777 2/20/2014 1:33:44 PM

True that Wise!!!

hanso 2/20/2014 1:59:09 PM

He's black?  No.  NOOO.  Not TEH BLACK!  Anything but teh black!!!


hanso 2/20/2014 2:16:21 PM

This is just another example of the black Hollywood trying to keep the white man down.

samson 2/20/2014 2:27:27 PM

 Lazarus, good luck with your surgery. I'll send up prayers for your speedy and complete recovery.

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