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New Game Trailers From Capcom's CAPTIVATE

Street Fighter, Dark Void, Resident Evil, etc.

By Jarrod Sarafin     June 04, 2008
Source: Capcom Captivate 08

Still from RESIDENT EVIL 5 (2008).
© Capcom
Another gaming convention has come to a close with Capcom's Captivate 08 wrapping up last week, the newly titled event formerly known as their "Gamer's Day". With it coming to a close, a slew of new footage and trailers have hit the net and I'll be putting them below for your viewing pleasure.

The biggest titles for their lineup are games hitting the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms, which include Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV, Dark Void and the return of Bionic Commando.

"Void" is the only original IP of the group with SF returning after a 10 year break and Bionic returning after a 20 year break. Resident Evil is coming back to the fold after the last installment took home numerous awards and become one of the best selling videogames for the developer's library of titles. This latest adventure moves away from Leon and instead focuses on veteran character Chris Redfield.

But enough from me. It's time for the trailers, which you can watch below.

Resident Evil 5 Trailer (Titled "Partner")

Street Fighter IV Trailer (Titled "Vengeance")

Street Fighter IV (Titled "Guile vs Abel")

Dark Void (Titled "Grip")

Dark Void (Titled "Fly")

Bionic Commando


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joeybaloney 6/4/2008 6:49:09 AM
Curse my video-less work situation. That RE5 trailer from the earlier article looked pretty good though. Don't know if this is the same one. Very interested to see where they're going with SF on these current consoles. And Bionic Commando? Holy crap my pants.
joeybaloney 6/4/2008 6:49:10 AM
Well. Since I double posted I’d like to take the time to edit this one and suggest that they set RE6 in an old folk’s home in Texas. Think about it. Hunk fakes his own death and now resides under an assumed name at the home were he runs into an also disguised Andy Kaufman. They have to fight a 5,000 year old mummy that likes to dress like a cowboy who is working w/Osmund Saddler to turn the residents of the old folk’s home into an army of elderly zombies known as Geriatrikos. Hunk and Andy are befriended by a talking pie.
agitatingdots 6/5/2008 3:32:23 PM
Did I miss the wii versions? (that'll get 'em riled up) Seriously, the most popular video game system on the planet (least it seems that way) is left behind again.


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