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wish 5/19/2011 5:42:47 PM

I've been in since the start, love the director, love the actors.  I'm have the ever so slightest nervous feeling about Ryan's portrayal of Hal Jordan but he's always entertaining, the guy's just got the special gift to be likable and funny and he's in fantastic shape.  It's okay to be different than the comic, it's okay to be someone's expectation but not everyone's.....the more I tell myself this the more I enjoy comic book movies.  

Seems like they may have altered the tone after the first trailer, probably been through a bunch of edits but whatever they did it's looking pretty amazing.  Great colors and the overall fx and make-up look awesome.  The musical score is gonna be huge, that can so easily make or break a film and it sometimes goes un-noticed as being a key reason, but James Newton Howard has a pretty solid resume so I'm sure it'll be killer.

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