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wish 5/20/2011 10:37:40 PM

This looks huge, it looks the way it should!  Great trailer!  Best line-up of summer blockbusters ever!  It's easy to forget how many films are coming out over the next 2 months!!!  Bye bye disposable income!  Your welcome hollywood elite, think of me when you engage the afterburners!!

Lsn22s 5/20/2011 11:07:48 PM

Damn that was awesome, and the world isn't over, least not from where I'm sitting, so 2011 is still on!

@ scoxocs....I agree on the Cap note, and that's a MAJOR switch for me, Cap is one of my favorite characters in comics and I've BARELY ever read any GL at all (sad to say)...Not to mention I will openly admit I was a GIGANTIC hater when I saw the first GL trailer...

I think Marvel really needs to beef up promo for Cap if they want to put a dent in the market with a NEW franchise in such a packed summer. Although they might just be waiting for Thor to run its course to their liking idk...either way I want another trailer, more Cap putting the smackdown...

On another note, I finally saw Thor the other day, pretty solid...a little more of actual Thor Vs. Destroyer would have been nice but I liked it fact, I'd put it up there with the better Marvel movies, at least imho...the hammer was pretty beastly, can wait to see Thor Vs Hulk in Avengers fingers crossed...

raa2001 5/20/2011 11:56:32 PM

 Very cool. I guess this trailer shut a lot of people up. At least the ones that was hating on it a while back.

krathwardroid 5/21/2011 5:23:37 AM

The trailer looks awesome. :)

TheMovieGuy28: It's Andrew Divoff. He was featured on Lost for a time. He played Mikhail. You might also know him as the Djinn from the first two Wishmaster movies, although he's been in maaaany other things.

MrGarabaldi 5/21/2011 5:57:55 AM

Movieguy, My avatar is Mr Garabaldi from Babalon5.  He was played by Jerry Doyle.

logan30228 5/21/2011 6:01:32 AM

From the first images we got about this movie I was cautiously optomistic. From the Beginning I chaffed at Ryan Reynolds as Hal, I thought and still do believe Nathan Fillion would make the best Hal/GL, but with that being said, I think without a doubt, This movie will reign supreme this summer. I do hope what we saw will be the intro to the movie so all those who don't read the comic,or better yet those who do and know Abin was attacked not by Parallax, but Atrocitus, will realize what is going on. And...did I see the eventual fall of Sinestro and the birth of the Sinestro Corps in that clip? I think I did! Am chomping at the bit for this movie more than any other this summer, I hope my anticipation will be well rewarded!

SuperFan 5/21/2011 7:24:58 AM

 speaking of avatars does anyone know why i cant upload a pic to change mine?

InnerSanctum 5/21/2011 10:59:52 AM

 Best trailer yet.  But, did they just show us most of the movie?  Anyway, hope it stands up well.  I was plesantly surprised by Thor.  Like a living comic book.  

BTW, is it just me, or is Ryan Reynolds a bit cross eyed?  It has always bugged me a bit.  

This is his forth comic book inspired character...if you count Paper Man.  

jonniej1017 5/21/2011 12:21:30 PM

Now thats more like it!!! This is a must see!!

That is a great trailer.. looks like a GREAT movie.. very pumped for this one.  Green lantern shouls kick some ass until T3 comes out.  Kinda what i expected from green Lantern..

InnerSanctum 5/21/2011 2:24:39 PM

 "Whoa" ~ Hal Jordan

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