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New Hercules Photo and Trailer Details

The Rock is Hercules

By Robert T. Trate     March 24, 2014
Source: USA Today

USA Today has released a new photo of Dwayne Johnson as Hercules. The film, directed by Brett Ratner, arrives July 25th, 2014. The first trailer for the film is scheduled to arrive tomorrow March 24th, 2014. Check out USA Today’s interview here

Synopsis: Everyone knows the legend of Hercules and his twelve labors. Our story begins after the labors, and after the legend… Haunted by a sin from his past, Hercules has become a mercenary. Along with five faithful companions, he travels ancient Greece selling his services for gold and using his legendary reputation to intimidate enemies. But when the benevolent ruler of Thrace and his daughter seek Hercules’ help to defeat a savage and terrifying warlord, Hercules finds that in order for good to triumph and justice to prevail… he must again become the hero he once was… he must embrace his own myth… he must be Hercules.

Hercules stars stars Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, Joseph Fiennes, Peter Mullan, John Hurt, Rebecca Ferguson, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Aksel Hennie, Reece Ritchie and Tobias Santelmann. The film is based on the Radical Studios graphic novel "Hercules: The Thracian Wars."
Hercules arrives July 25th, 2014. 

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Wiseguy 3/24/2014 8:54:18 AM

I hope this is good but the Hercules I want is one fully enveloped in myth.

Guess I'll see what impression the trailer leaves tomorrow

BunyonSnipe 3/24/2014 12:32:19 PM

It's based on the comic though, which is based more in the real world...

violator14 3/24/2014 1:18:09 PM

 I cant take this seriously with the Rock wearing that wig. LOL

monkeyfoot 3/24/2014 1:49:54 PM

Violator, the Rock wants you to smell what's cookin' under that hairpiece!

jonniej1017 3/24/2014 3:11:13 PM

This boy is on a LOT and i mean A  LOT of steroids!!!  Did u see the other pics???  Holy crap  he got huge!!!

blankczech 3/24/2014 5:21:57 PM

 Who cares if he's on steroids, this isn't professional sports where they are trying to preserve a bunch of records set by white guys 100 years ago... this is the movies.  Whether or not he does steroids doesn't hurt us.  Johnson's  net worth is estimated at around $70 million...I know guys who do steroids for nothing, they just want impress others with their muscular physique.

almostunbiased 3/24/2014 5:22:35 PM

Speaking of huge, Jonnie's pic is mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm huge

Liquids7 3/25/2014 5:15:18 AM

We need the name of Jonnie's boat girl. And I heard next year Rock will be starring in the title role in The Duke: The John Wayne story.

Wiseguy 3/25/2014 5:32:30 AM

jonnie that chic for your avatar is on a lot of silicone difference is the steroid user still has to BUST his ass to get results

Muscularity isn't an indicator of how much steroids you're taking. It's a case of more doesn't equal better results

jonniej1017 3/25/2014 2:43:09 PM

LOL.. sorry guys. its just a pic. dont really know her.. :(

I understand what u guys are saying about the steroids, but i was just making an observation, nothing else.  Not saying its illegal or hes a bad man or anything like that...Im just sayin.. this boy is huge and he does a lot of steroids . (period)



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