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violator14 3/5/2013 8:19:58 PM

 Zilla- LMFAO!!! I think that's what everyone on Mania is wondering as well buddy.

almostunbiased 3/5/2013 8:57:39 PM

love it

Wiseguy 3/6/2013 4:36:44 AM


This looks better all the time and that's saying a lot.

Was that the Hulkbuster iron at the end?

You know I'm having a hard time calling it but I still think MOS will give this a good run for its money

DarthBob 3/6/2013 4:54:05 AM

On a side note I'm hearing that the Nova Corps will be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  Freaking awesome if true; just thinking of the awesome directions Marvel could go with that.

FrozenFear 3/6/2013 8:33:37 AM

"Iron Man 2 had a few drones, but I think we can add more. Oh, and make one of them giant."

That being said, looks fan-tastic! And just to confirm my gutter-mind, was Pepper w/o shirt at one point near the end?

VermithraxPejorative 3/6/2013 8:33:49 AM

I'm there! Absolutely!!

aegrant 3/6/2013 8:50:57 AM

 looks like Marvel has done it again #cantwait

violator14 3/6/2013 8:57:01 AM

 Wise-With some of the things ive been reading on MOS, I would totally take that bet.

momitchell7 3/6/2013 11:20:04 AM

What's MOS, again?

violator14 3/6/2013 12:53:05 PM

 Man of Sex

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