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By Rob M .Worley     December 28, 2009
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We've got a handful of new pics from the 'Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths' movie. Plus: 'Captain America' pre-production underway. 'Green Lantern' crews up. 'Boondocks' set for return and more! In the game and playing with pain, it's your Comics2Film 9.12.28!



BOONDOCKS to Return Next Year

Aaron McGruder's acclaimed Adult Swim series 'The Boondocks', based on his comic strip of the same name, is set to return to television some time in the first half of 2010.

McGruder announced the news to his fans and followers on Twitter on Christmas day.

"Finally got an air date for Season 3," McGruder wrote. "Not sure if I'm allowed to put it out yet, so I'll just say you got about three months! Merry Xmas!!"

The show was last seen in spring of 2008. It ran for two 15-episode seasons on Cartoon Network's night-time block before going on hiatus. McGruder has not said if the show will continue on Adult Swim once it returns.



Composer Expects Third BATMAN

Composer Hans Zimmer chatted with about his recent work on 'Sherlock Holmes'.

He said one of the challenges of creating a score for Guy Ritchie's new movie was to make sure it was distinct from his now-famous score for 'The Dark Knight'.

"My big rule in it was 'no Dark Knight'," Zimmer told HUG in the audio interview. "Chris [Nolan] and I have talked about this a lot. There are a lot of things which sound very 'Dark Knight'-ish these days. I gets copied all the time.

"Chris has been so complimentary [of the 'Sherlock Holmes' score]. One of the things he said was 'it sounds nothing like Dark Knight!'"

Aside from the usual creative reasons for wanting to grow artistically, Zimmer said there are more practical reasons for wanting to keep Sherlock and Bruce separate.

"If somebody can think of a story we're probably going to do another [Batman movie]," Zimmer said. "I know this sounds incredibly mercenary but you want to protect your franchise. James [Horner] and I have worked pretty hard at figuring out a sound for that."

He references Christopher Nolan frequently in the interview and adds, "Chris and I spoke for about four hours about his next project," which may or may not be a reference to 'Inception', which he's currently scoring, or (hopefully) 'Batman 3'.

Thanks to CaptainSigma for the submission.




Comics Continuum has posted synopses for 2010's comics-to-film releases including 'Jonah Hex', 'The Losers', 'Priest' and 'Red'. Click through if you need to know more.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Super Hero Hype has the scoop on the top-notch crew-members who have recently come aboard Warner Bros and DC Entertainment's 'Green Lantern' movie.

Included are Oscar-winning cinematographer Dion Beebe, Oscar-winning production designer Grant Major, Oscar-winning costume designer Ngila Dickson and genre-vet Art director François Audouy.

Of course, what we all really want to know is who is playing Sinestro, Kilowog and G'nort!



Strong Talks KICK-ASS

Cinemablend had a sit-down with actor Mark Strong, who appears in both the currently running 'Sherlock Holmes' as well as next year's comic-based 'Kick-Ass'.

"It's so violent all the studios turned it down. People who love graphic novels tend to be disappointed by the films that are made of them, and Matthew I think felt a real responsibility to make this as close in tone as he possibly could to the graphic novels, which he has done," Strong said.

"Consequently it's extremely violent. What he's done to make it accessible and great fun is to inject a very humorous note using the soundtrack. The scenes play very wryly humorous, and there's just enough wit and humor in there to allow this world to exist in another place. Even though it's violent, it's not the real violence that you encounter every day. It's on another plane. I can play with [Frank, my character] a little more, because the tone of the film is very witty, very funny and very dark. I can allow Frank to be that as well."

That's important for Strong as he admits the movie twisted his head, largely due to the fact that he spends a fair amount of time beating up on the 10-year-old Hit-Girl.

Click through for the complete interview...



CAPTAIN AMERICA is in Pre-Production

Fangoria takes a look at the development of the upcoming horror flick 'The Wolfman' and drips out a tiny big of a clue regarding 'The First Avenger: Captain America'.

Both films share director Joe Johnston and the Fangoria piece mentions that they spoke to the man, "from the art department of THE FIRST AVENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA, which he’s readying for a June start."

So there you go, Maniacs! Expect to be hearing a lot about Cap in the coming months!




As a holiday gift to you, Warner Premiere has dropped four new images from 'Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths', which include two new character reveals: The villainous brawler Jimmy Olsen and the clown prince of heroism The Jester!

'Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths' is the all-new DC Universe Animated Original PG-13 Movie from Warner Premiere, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation. It arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray February 23rd.


The Jester, a member of the parallel Earth’s Justice League, helps Lex Luthor break free from the Crime Syndicate in JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS

Superman wrestles with the parallel Earth’s bulked up Jimmy Olsen in JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS

Four core members of the Justice League’s parallel world entity, the Crime Syndicate: (from left) Johnny Quick, Ultraman, Superwoman and Owlman in JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS

The Flash … in a free fall (no, he can’t fly) in JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS


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silversurfer 12/28/2009 8:12:26 AM

Justice League Crisis is looking good, but I expect nothing less from DC Animated....they've been on the ball as of late.

Looking forward to hearing news about Captain America in the months to come....should be interesting! 

I saw an ad for Priest over the weekend, I'm not sure what to think about it as of doesn't really grab me as a must see? That doesn't mean that I won't be curious about it, but I'm not in a panic to see it like say, IM2

...and yeah, who in the hell is playing Sinestro? That's a big deal at this point....

j11212 12/28/2009 8:25:22 AM

In the "Composer Expects Third BATMAN" article, James [Horner] should be James [Newton Howard].

Wiseguy 12/28/2009 9:57:46 AM

Dying for casting rumors for Capt. America. Still going with Matthew Mccougnahey for the lead. I think he's our man.

Still going with Daniel Day Lewis for the Sinestro role. And I'd rather have a cgi Kilowog and than a cheap rubbersuit but if not how about Kimbo Slice, it's gotta be a big ugly mean effer or maybe even Ron Perlman and cut down on the make up department.

Everybody expects a third Batman no need for reminders. Once Inception drops I'm sure Nolan'll start talking a bit about it. But please, pretty please, no more "someone expects Nolan to do a third" or "someone assumes Nolan is working at it" articles

DarthDuck 12/28/2009 10:03:48 AM

Would the immortal Daniel Day Lewis play Sinestro?  Don't get me wrong Wiseguy I love the choice but isn't that dreaming a bit big?  Hugo Weaving would be my realistic and perhaps not-to-creative pick.

I think Kilowog could be done ala Hellboy but CGI wouldn't bother me either.  Especially since Ch'p will be CGI  (please, please, let there be Ch'p)

I don't want to hear anything about a third Batman until it comes from the mouth of Mr. Nolan himself.

I can't be February 23rd soon enough!  Crisis looks awesome!

DeeJay4ADay 12/28/2009 10:08:37 AM

Crisis on Two Earths looks good, though I'm disappointed that John Stewart and Hawkwoman have seemingly been taken out... dismissing continuity with the JLU television series. I guess this will be more in line with the forthcoming Green Lantern movie, though.

Captain America is looking more and more interesting, as we move forward. I wonder if the June start is entirely accurate, or if Johnston is planning to get some shooting done beforehand--- and under the radar.

Calibur454 12/28/2009 11:27:56 AM

It is good to see the boondocks comming back for a 3rd season. Maybe the rumored boondocks movie will be made as well. I have both seasons on dvd. Looking forward to add to my collection.

Kick-Ass I actually am happy to hear about the violence being amped up in this. I'm glad the movie director didn't cave into the pressure of studio exects to tone it down. Looking forward to this one too.

Third Batman- I'm with DarthDuck on this one. I'll wait till there is a more solid announce before I get too excited.

Joanhex loosers preist red and Captain america are nothing but interesting rentals for me.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 12/28/2009 1:03:58 PM

Yeah, Matthew Vaughn doesn't back down to studio heads.  Read the story of what he did to them with his first movie Layer Cake.

jfdavis 12/28/2009 2:13:36 PM

Yeah, Ron Perlman as Kilowog would be awesome.  I also agree Hugo Weaving is probably a top contender for Sinestro.

I think I'll refrain from discussing Cap and Batman 3 until something concrete is announced. 

That caption with the pic of Flash reminds me of the Batman quote the JLU episode "Dark Heart": "This is Batman requesting air support. As I can't fly. At all."

Miner49er 12/28/2009 5:41:59 PM

Batman 3 (er, is that 7?) owns son!

Ozymandas 12/28/2009 6:11:15 PM

JL: Crisis pics are looking great! I'm anxious to see what Juiced Jimmy is all about! I also wasn't expecting the Crime Syndicate costume redesigns. Ultraman looks kind of OMACy to me; Johnny Quick looks like GeoForce. I'm not knocking them (yet), I need to see how they look in motion.



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