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By Jarrod Sarafin, News Editor     October 13, 2007

The return of CAPTAIN AMERICA to comics isn't exactly shocking news but the new look as designed by his next artist Alex Ross seems to be split half way down the middle from comic fans. Half the people love it and half the people hate it so I'll publish it here and ask you loyal comic readers. First, I'll run through the details. Marvel revealed that the "new" Captain America will be appearing in issue #34 set to hit comic shelves in January 2008, lead by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Alex Ross. The character will not be Steve Rogers but a different character taking the reigns of the Marvel hero.

Comic Book Resources had a chance to talk to Brubaker and Ross on the redesign of the character...

"I wanted something that had at least a touch of 'soldier' to it, personally," Ed Brubaker told CBR News. "But Alex had incredibly strong ideas and had done more research, and he really didn't want us to end up with something that looked like USAgent or the Ultimate Cap designs. We all knew it still had to be a superhero outfit and Alex's initial ideas had the exact flavor I was hoping to see, with the blend of the '40s movie serial look and his more classic superhero design sense. I felt like I was looking at costume designs from John Romita in the '70s or something."

"I sort of instinctually knew what the character needed to have as part of his costume and what sort of design hybrid I needed to create," said Ross "If you tell me that say Iron Man is going to become the new Captain America, then I know what things to bring into it. You need a certain amount of instincts to design a new costume like this and you have to ask yourself questions like, 'OK, well, if you've never tried this before with the design, what would you try?' That's how I ended up bringing in the shield shape from the original 1941 shield and threw it on his chest and worked around that."

One aspect which is gaining notice and feedback from fans is the inclusion of a new utility belt which features a gun and a knife and who knows what else. This has led to more opinions from some fans that someone like Frank Castle is suiting up as the next hero but that won't be revealed until the issue hits shelves. Here's what Brubaker had to say on the utility belt though..

"I can say there was no symbolic intent or comment we were trying to make on America or anything by including the gun and knife," explained Brubaker. "It's just part of the costume and the look and the story. This new guy carries weapons, too. Who knows what else is in that utility belt? First Aid? Grenades? All is yet to be revealed."

To read more of their thoughts, click the link above...

To see the look of issue #34 cover by Alex Ross, click the picture to the left.

Here's a look at the issue #34 cover by co-illustrator Steve Epting.

Here's a look at his utility belt...



What do you think and who do you think will be taking the reigns of CAPTAIN AMERICA? Share your thoughts...

Big thanks to Scooper Daniel for the reminder!


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mckracken 10/13/2007 2:40:58 PM
i like it. its an interesting design its very shiney though (not sure about that) and the bottom half of the costume looks like it was borrowed from US AGENT. is that a blue stripe that runs down his leg or is it light reflecting off a blue uniform? I think its a blue stripe. also I personally dont like the two extra white stars on his shoulders, i feel its overkill. kinda like 50% American Hero and 50% Vigilante killer
PAGE 10/13/2007 3:20:46 PM
I like the new design as well. Almost seems like it's Big Boss from Metal Gear as Captail America with that gun and knife. Maybe this Cap will defeat some enemies using some good old fashioned Close Quarter Combat moves. haha. And I also think that is a blue stripe, which they should get rid of along with those stars on his shoulders. I think it's a tad much as well.
dracor00 10/13/2007 4:59:31 PM
it is probally going to be the soldier that cap is talking too during the Captain America : Chosen series that is currently running which features cap on his death bed mentally connecting with a guy with the same depth of spirit and courage that cap had and talking to him and helping him through things. so my guess is that is who will become the new captain america. it also would expalin the very military look of hte utility belt
mckracken 10/13/2007 7:20:37 PM
Question: when unholstering your weapon, dont you usually reach across diagonal to draw a gun? I thought that the holster was never on the same side as your gun arm so isnt this incorrect? wouldnt the gun holster belong in the position where Cap's knife sheath is?
bdd 10/13/2007 7:20:58 PM
Way too much black. Don't these people know you don't change the course in a middle of a (failed) "war"!?!
ALIEN 10/13/2007 8:58:41 PM
I like it. To be honest, it is not the greatest, but it is an improvement of sorts. One issue I have are the darn wings on his head. Hasn't time progressed enough to get rid of them?
ashsaytr 10/13/2007 11:12:32 PM
*mckracken- the holster is on your strong side (gun arm as you put it)... it can be drawn diagnally when worn in a shoulder holster.... hope it helps... as for the costume... don't much like the old canteen... he's gonna break something when he lands on it... should've went with a camelbak or the like LOL
celt_6@yahoo.com_home 10/13/2007 11:31:19 PM
Okay, I knew I was going to have issues with the new Cap. I was devastated at the death of Steve Rogers having grown up with him as a hero, even through my time in the Army. But I'm guessing his successor will be Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes, so I'm okay with that. In fact the idea is growing on me. But as for this costume, you can call my feelings a knee-jerk reaction if you want, but I hate it. I mean, I really fucking hate it. Seriously, what the hell is that supposed to be?! He looks like he's wearing his black pajamas with a little Captain America-like symbol on them. He looks like a 5 year old playing in his Captain America underroos. Or like he's stuck halfway out of a wetsuit. It's like they couldn't decide if he was US Agent or Cap. For the love of God, someone fix this, PLEASE! Seeing this, I want to do to Alex Ross what Thor just did to Iron Man - hahaha. Oh, and mckracken, ashsaytr is right. A sidearm weapon is always holstered on the strong side/weapon-hand side. That cross-draw crap is pretty much pure Hollywood. Though a knife would more likely be worn on his back hip or on a shoulder strap/IBE/vest set-up (along with the well-suggested Camelback). A canteen like that would end you up with a bruised hip at best, and a cracked tailbone at worst if you landed on it too hard (speaking as a paratrooper).
sportwarrior 10/13/2007 11:48:32 PM
I really can't say I like it. There's just way too much black in that new suit for it to be considered a creative new take on Cap's suit. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the stripes on the stomach... That just looks ODD (especially in the cover illustration). It'd still be bad, but at least I could look at it without grimacing. Between the black jumpsuit and the out-of-place stripes I just can't look at it without feeling disappointed. One thing's for sure.... Steve Rogers would never had worn that piece of crap!
coeconspiritor 10/14/2007 12:27:26 AM
Man... I'm not a huge Captain America fan, so it's kinda hard to get worked up over this one. But I just gotta say I feel like Ross & Brubaker have jumped the shark with this one. Not only is the design of the new suit sub-par, but the whole concept is just a bad rehash of the "Knightfall" storyline in the Bat-books. (Fallen hero is replaced by a violent newcomer with a darker, more menacing costume.) Oh, and I'm thinking that the new Cap is gonna be Bucky
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