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New Looper Trailer

Foreign Trailer

By Robert T. Trate     August 16, 2012

Looper has released an a new international trailer that focuses more on the mood and look of the film than it does on ramming the plot down your throat in a thirty-second blast of explosions and quick-cuts.

That said, the plot is a tangled one, with the film taking place in a distant future where time travel is soon to be invented. Thirty years further down the track, criminal gangs use the outlawed technology to send people back in time where special assassins known as Loopers are in place to take them out.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises) plays one such Looper who finds himself placed in something of a conundrum by the fact that his latest target is an older version of himself. Oh, and he's played by Bruce Willis (Die Hard), so he's not exactly a pushover.
Of all the trailers we've seen so far, this one is definitely our favourite, devoting a little more time to the world created by director Rian Johnson (Brick), while tempering the crash-bang action scenes with a more reflective overall mood. And with its bleached skies, sun-scorched fields and coldly indifferent futurescapes, It certainly promises to be a treat to look at. 


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Mossy1221 8/16/2012 7:23:53 AM

 This looks good. I, being a Bruce Willis fan and my wife a Gordon-Levitt fan.... This will be a plus for us both.

Wiseguy 8/16/2012 7:59:41 AM

Ditto Mossy I think this looks great. Looking forward to this.

hanso 8/16/2012 9:37:50 AM

 Yes sir, count me in.  2012 the year of JGL.

Whiskeymovie 8/16/2012 7:43:31 PM

VERY pumped about this one...Been excited since they announced it. I loved Brick and I thought the Brothers Bloom was amazingly good. Will be interesting to see how weel Rian Johnson does in the world of Sci-Fi.

aegrant 8/17/2012 6:09:10 AM

 I'm there! Been on my watchlist since May.



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