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New Manager of the Sumo Club

When you wake up half-naked and covered with graffiti, your week's bound to go downhill quickly, but it's not just that this isn't the position she wanted. It's not even a position that she tested for!

So how did a girl like Mai end up coaching the worst sumo team in the history of Japan? Okay, sleeping with the sensei and those photos floating around the net might have something to do with it, but they're barely even a real sumo team! With only three members and not a single match in something like seven years, if they don't get into competition this year there won't be a next one!

Sounds like the perfect chance for a bright and energetic girl to inspire everyone and prove that she can make a difference, right? Well, not really, because these guys are REALLY bad!

Volume Count: 1
Genre: Romance, Sports

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Region 1 - North America

New Manager of the Sumo Club by Switchblade Pictures