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New online comics continue 'Iron Man,' 'Incredible Hulk' movie storylines

By Jim Harvey     September 17, 2008
Source: is launching a line of new digital comic books that tie in directly with the continuity of this year's movie hits 'Iron Man' and 'The Incredible Hulk'. The comics cost ya an annual subscription fee, so no feebies here. Here's the hype:

We know you saw "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" this summer. We know you freaked out when Nick Fury showed up in "Iron Man" and Tony Stark himself had a little conversation with General Ross in "The Incredible Hulk!"

Well, ready to get freaked out again, True Believers?!

On Wednesday, September 17, launches a slate of comics you can read only in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! And we're kicking things off with all-new, all-exclusive, all-awesome stories featuring this summer's biggest stars: Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk!

Want to see what happened immediately after Iron Man fought Iron Monger? How about Nick Fury getting up in Hulk's face for the first time?

Here's a breakdown of the first two Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited exclusive series, both being produced under the guidance of Marvel Studios, the creative force behind this summer's blockbuster feature films that grossed more than $800 million combined at the global box office:


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