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New Phantasm discs

Plus: Madonna Surprise

By Brian Thomas     April 10, 2007

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We’ve got a full list this week, so let’s get right into it!  


Though a deluxe edition was released in 1999, a new edition of Phantasm is overdue. Here ya go:  

(O)   PHANTASM (Anchor Bay) Two brothers and an ice cream man are drawn into a horrifying mystery involving a local mortuary in Don Coscarelli’s unconventional 1979 classic horror fantasy. An unforgettable nightmare vision. With commentrak, featurettes, interview, deleted scenes and more. 
(O)   PHANTASM 3: LORD OF THE DEAD (Anchor Bay) 1994 sequel finds the boys still struggling against the sinister Tall Man and his dwarf helpers from another dimension. With commentrak, featurette, deleted scene and screenplay.  


(O)   THE AURA (IFC) An epileptic taxidermist fantasizes about the perfect heist, but when he gets a chance to put his plan into action, he finds reality more dangerous than he’d imagined. Includes Making-Of and more.  
(O)  BENEATH STILL WATERS (Lionsgate) Brian Yuzna’s tale of a supernatural force attacking a village 4o years after the citizens trapped it in a lake.  
(O)   THE BLACK PIRATE (MVD) 1971 Italian swashbuckler starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.  
(O)   BLOOD FLOOD (Retromedia/Image) Morella hosts an All-Night Spooktacular Dusk-to-Dawn Horror-thon, including Grave of the Vampire, House of Evil, and  Ady Milligan’s Guru the Mad Monk, plus three episodes of “Graveyard Theater”. 


(O)   BLOODY DUEL: LIFE & DEATH (Crash) 1971 Hong Kong kung fu action.  
(O)   BREASTFORD WIVES (Secret Key/Koch) Sci-fi spoof from Jim Wynorski.  
(O)   CAT GIRL KIKI (Central Park) A lonely otaku’s cat transforms into a hot chick.  
(O)   CINDERELLA (Tartan) K-horror in which the daughter of a plastic surgeon sees the friends operated on by mom mysteriously dying off. Includes Making-Of.  
(O)   DEAD AND DEADER (Anchor Bay) Dean Cain battles a living dead outbreak in this new zombedy. Includes commentrak, Making-Of, screenplay and more.  
(O)   DORA-HEITA (AnimEigo) A disreputable samurai is appointed town magistrate, but all is not as it seems in this randy 2000 film from Kon Ichikawa, who wrote the script in 1969 with Keisuke Kinoshita, Masaki Kobayashi and Akira Kurosawa. 
(O)   GAMEBOX 1.0 (Lionsgate) Grieving over a dead girlfriend, a video game tester is trapped in an experimental new game.  
(O)   IRON MISTRESS (Crash) I can never get my mistress to do the ironing. 
(O)   JONESTOWN: THE LIFE & DEATH OF PEOPLE’S TEMPLE (PBS) True Crime documentary, plus interview and deleted footage.  
(O)   LEGEND OF THE DOLL (Central Park) The first of a trilogy set in Tokyo’s famed Akihabara shopping district. A lonely otaku procures a girlfriend model kit but runs into trouble when it comes to life.  


   LUANA / KARZAN, JUNGLE LORD (Retromedia/Image) Twin bill of strange 1970s European jungle adventures. 
(O)   MEL GIBSON ULTIMATE COLLECTION (Paramount) Includes Payback, Braveheart and We Were Soldiers
(O)   THE MILPITAS MONSTER (MVD) 1975 home town monster movie (aka Mutant Beast) about a huge creature made of garbage.  
(O)   MYSTERY & MURDER (Passport) 25 vintage thrillers on five discs: The Crooked Circle, A Shriek in the Night, The Sphinx, The Phantom Broadcast, Tomorrow At Seven, Mystery Liner, The Lady in Scarlet, Murder at Glen Athol, The Mandarin Mystery, House of Secrets, Juggernaut, The Shadow Strikes, Bulldog Drummond’s Revenge, The Mystery of Mr. Wong, Nancy Drew Reporter, Mr. Moto’s Last Warning, Phantom of Chinatown, Murder By Invitation, Sherlock Holmes & the Secret Weapon, Eyes in the Night, Lady of Burlesque, The Black Raven, The Red House, Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome and Who Killed Doc Robbin?

(O)   PAYBACK (Paramount) “Straight Up: Director's Cut” of the Mel Gibson thriller includes commentrak, Making-Of featurettes and interview. 
(O)   PIRATES (St. Clair) Budget disc includes In the Wake of the Bounty, Captain Calamity, Long John Silver and a featurette. 
(O)   RAISE THE CASTLE (Cinema Epoch/Koch) Odd Japanese comedy. The samurai lord, Ondaiji, travels 400 years to fulfill his dream of raising a castle. He finds an understanding professor, dim town officials, a mysterious old lady, and happy-go-lucky tramps who suggest the best material for the castle is cardboard.

(O)   SHANGHAI SURPRISE (Lionsgate) Special edition of the infamous dud starring Madonna and Sean Penn in a 1930s Far East adventure. Includes fan commentrak and featurettes.  
(O)   SKIN CRAWL (POPcinema) Black Sunday inspired witch curse horror. Includes commentrak, interviews and more. 


(O)   SLAUGHTER NIGHT (Tartan) Horror from the Netherlands about a haunted mine. With Making-Of and outtakes.   
(O)   SOMBRE (Koch) French serial killer psychological drama starring Elina Lowensohn. Also available bundled with Fresh Bait.  
(O)   THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO Season One Volume One (CBS/Paramount) 16 episodes on four discs of the 1972 cop show starring Karl Malden and Michael Douglas.  
(O)   SUCCUBUS: HELL-BENT (Screen Media/Universal) An idiot has a one night stand with demon Kelly Hu and doesn’t call her the next day. Includes music video.  
(O)   SURVIVAL QUEST (Starz/Anchor Bay) Don Coscarelli’s 1989 adventure drama pits campers vs. survivalists in the deep woods. Includes behind-the-scenes.  
(O)   SWEENEY TODD (Acorn) Director’s Cut  of the BBC-TV dramatization of the infamous True Crime tale.  
(O)   ULTIMATE ROY ROGERS COLLECTION (Passport) The King of the Cowboys stars in 25 westerns on five discs: Wall Street Cowboy, Arizona Kid, Days of Jesse James, The Ranger and the Lady, West of the Badlands, Young Bill Hickock, Young Buffalo Bill, Bad Man of Deadwood, Robin Hood of the Pecos, Sheriff of Tombstone, Red River Valley, Heart of the Golden West, King of the Cowboys, Silver Spurs, The Yellow Rose of Texas, Home in Oklahoma, My Pal Trigger, Roll on Texas Moon, Apache Rose, The Bells of San Angelo, Springtime in the Sierras, The Gay Ranchero, Grand Canyon Trail, The Far Frontier and Under California Skies.  
(O)   UNCIVIL LIBERTIES (Ariztical) Political thriller set in an oppressive Big Brother future, kind of like Equilibrium without the action. 
(O)   THE UNTOUCHABLES Season One Volume 1 (CBS/Paramount) Classic cops & robbers TV series. Two-hour season pilot plus 14 episodes on four discs 
(O)   VIDEO VIOLENCE 1 & 2 (Camp) Legendary 1980s slasher rental items in which psychos commit murder on cable TV. With commentrak, interview and more.  
(O)   YANG BAN XI (Home Vision/Image) Documentaries on the propaganda musicals of Cold War China.  


(O)   DOG DAY AFTERNOON (Warner Bros.) With commentrak, Making-Of, featurettes and more.  
(O)   PAYBACK (Paramount) “Straight Up: Director's Cut” of the Mel Gibson thriller includes commentrak, Making-Of featurettes and interview. 


(O)   DOG DAY AFTERNOON (Warner Bros.) With commentrak, Making-Of, featurettes and more.  
(O)   PAYBACK (Paramount) “Straight Up: Director's Cut” of the Mel Gibson thriller includes commentrak, Making-Of featurettes and interview. 


We welcome the input of Maniacs who want to share input on this section, where we highlight a different genre feature that has yet to come to digital disc format – just send your suggestions to DVD Shopping List in an email identified with “NOT ON DVD” in the subject line.  

(O)   ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (Universal) With so much classic Golden Age horror now available on DVD, it’s incredible how much is still unreleased, including this 1933 Paramount shocker now in the Universal library. Erle C. Kenton pushes the envelope in adapting the H.G. Wells novel The Island of Dr. Moreau, with Charles Laughton sending chills as the mad scientist intent on turning animals into men by surgical means. If you could see it, you’d agree that it’s way ahead of its time, but for now it’s NOT ON DVD.  

And be sure to check back next week—and every week—for Mania’s DVD Shopping List! And don’t forget Anime Avalanche every Monday!

DVD Shopping List (© 2007 Brian Thomas) is our weekly DVD column. Brian Thomas is the author of the massive book VideoHound’s Dragon: Asian Action & Cult Flicks, available now! 

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bjjdenver 4/10/2007 11:56:13 AM
Hate to say it, but I've heard rumblings of a Phantasm remake. i pray it doesn't happen, Angus Scrimm could never be replaced!! i saw this at the drive-in when it came out, and it has always been one of my top movies. Is it just me or is Payback one of the most underrated movies ever??
gamera23 4/10/2007 2:28:42 PM
They shot PAYBACK for a couple weeks in an alley right below my second floor office, so I had to stop work all the time to see what the gunfire was all about.
mckracken 4/10/2007 8:54:56 PM
thats a pisser, Phantasm and Phantasm IV are ALREADY on DVD (you can find them as low as $9.99) while Phantasm 2 and III had not been released in the US... I just checked, apparantly 2 is out, and 4 and III and the original... whooo hooo... I smell a box set hopefully on the horizon!


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