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New RoboCop Clip: Working

Plus TV Spot and Featurette

By Robert T. Trate     February 06, 2014

RoboCop now Blu-ray and DVD.
© Sony Pictures
Here is your dose of RoboCop this morning. There is an new official clip, a new TV spot, and a behind-the-scenes featurette. We are just six days away from RoboCop!
The Plot: In RoboCop, the year is 2028 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Overseas, their drones have been used by the military for years – and it’s meant billions for OmniCorp’s bottom line. Now OmniCorp wants to bring their controversial technology to the home front, and they see a golden opportunity to do it. When Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit – is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp sees their chance to build a part-man, part-robot police officer. OmniCorp envisions a RoboCop in every city and even more billions for their shareholders, but they never counted on one thing: there is still a man inside the machine pursuing justice.
RoboCop features Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael K. Williams, Jennifer Ehle, Jay Baruchel, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, and Samuel L. Jackson.  
RoboCop arrives February 12th, 2014.


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VTGamehendge 2/6/2014 10:23:54 AM

Really hoping they didn't screw this up.

SinCity 2/6/2014 12:45:39 PM

VTGamehendge - ya know, I have had a negative opinion of this for awhile, but lately I've been re-thinking it.  If you set aside your ideas of what it SHOULD be (based upon Paul Verhoeven's original) and look at the trailers on their own merits....


It looks like it may be a good movie. 


I had much the same issue with the reboot of Battlestar Galactica.  I hated everything about it, from the gender changes of various character, to the "human" cylons.... but then I dropped my notions of the original series and watched it as its own show.... it became my favorite TV show.  I couldn't (and can't) even watch the original without chuckling.

VTGamehendge 2/6/2014 4:42:25 PM

Oh, don't get me wrong!  I've been looking forward to this since the original announcement years ago when it was supposed to be released in 2009.  Even though I'm a huge fan of the original, I'm not too worried about it being "true to the original."  I just want a good movie.  I want something that people will really like.  Just something that doesn't completely embarrass the original.

And as far as Battlestar, I never watched the original series.  But I started watching the new one a while back and really enjoyed it.  I haven't gotten into season 2 yet, but I may start it back up again this weekend now that you reminded me of it.  I've just got so much in my Netflix queue!  Lol!  Close to 300 movie and TV show titles.

Muenster 2/6/2014 7:13:12 PM

Loss of bladder and bowell control. hee hee. Sound funny and frightening in a robotic like voice.

VermithraxPejorative 2/11/2014 7:21:00 PM

Meh, still can't wrap my mind around this one. He, Robo, looks like a variant of the Iron Man suits. Not impressed. I'm still gonna pass on this one.



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