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monkeyfoot 1/12/2012 10:09:28 AM

The caption to the above photo: "Remember kids-don't text and drive!"

Mossy1221 1/12/2012 10:22:43 AM

 Monkeyfoot. So true of your captions.  Just over summer 1 of my daughters classmates persished and the passenger was burnt over 70% of her body. Driver was texting.   Driver was 18 and passenger was 16.  

millean 1/12/2012 12:40:34 PM

(In best Jose Jalepeno voice) Optimus Prime, on a steeck!


Saw a slightly different version of that comment on another site, but I was thinking the same thing so I went ahead and used it here...  :)

wish 1/12/2012 3:46:13 PM

nice caption dudes, the first thing I thought when  I saw that pic was, how can we make this funny?

"what happened?"

-"I swerved to miss a rabbit....."

"whoa....did you hit it?"

"Uh, the rabbit is fine........"

Beardeer 1/13/2012 7:05:57 AM

Canadian missile attack!

deathreaver_21@yahoo.com_home 1/13/2012 10:02:54 AM

 " I told you, in the a 50,000 squar foot parking lot YOU would hit the one tree!"

mellowdoux 1/14/2012 8:55:48 AM

 "And there won't be snow in Africa this Christmas time..."

mellowdoux 1/14/2012 9:12:18 AM

 "And there won't be snow in Africa this Christmas time..."

captm0rgan77 1/15/2012 8:08:00 AM

This pic comes as a surprise to me. I would have thought that Snyder would use animation to stage this instead of the real thing. Very interesting.



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