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New SHENMUE II details released

Sega comments about release date.

By Troy Roberts     August 29, 2001
Source: IGN Dreamcast

Shenmue II
© 2001 Sega

Monday we reported that the Dreamcast title SHENMUE II had been delayed until December. According to Sega, this might not be true.

When questioned, Sega commented that they really don't have a release date set in stone for SHENMUE II yet. Which means that it could be released in November, December, or even at the beginning of next year.

Also, Sega stated that the US version of SHENMUE II would not be dubbed in english, as the first game was. It will have the original Japanese voices, and will be subtitled. While the first game's dub voices were decent, they lacked in the quality of the Japanese voices.

We'll keep you posted.


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