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nemesis1_57 6/11/2014 9:06:36 AM

 Comming to a Red box near you.

Muenster 6/11/2014 7:39:04 PM

Watched this movie last night. Two questions that kept bugging me were:

Why does the train need to keep moving?

If a snowy avalanche could derail the train so easily, how did it manage to avoid them for 17 years?

This film attempted to explain why class structures exist, and makes a decent attempt with exposition as to how the heads of each class often acted in logical collusion to keep the numbers sustainable.

This choo-choo movie tried to be a heady social commentary film, but it only gets heavy with knife and gun fights as it chugs along, making stops in some silly preposterous luxury cars full of people that still act as though the cold weather apocalypse never happened. One stop towards the end of the movie is actually in one of the front cars that has been hosting a 24 7 365 disco dance trance party full of writhing people and crazy lights.

This film would have made better sense if it had been a short Outer Limits episode. Such a schedule would have allowed this film to be an express, thereby not subjecting the viewer to so many useless stops to pick up tired plot devices and class warfare cliches.

What a train-wreck. How they managed to get Swinton, Harris, and Evans on board eludes me.

Do yourself a favor. Don't board this train. Wait for the next one.



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