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lazarus 2/25/2013 3:39:05 PM



Wiseguy 2/25/2013 4:09:54 PM

The whole argument about his costume loses me all the time. It's close enough and none have been an insult to the original design

hanso 2/25/2013 4:22:18 PM

 Yeah buddy!

violator14 2/25/2013 5:04:35 PM

 Might be just me, but I was kind of hoping they might add a LITTLE bit of cgi to the mask to VERY SLIGHTLY move along with some of his emotions. Kind of similar to Rorschach in Watchmen, but of course much more subtle.

Deadpool on the other hand, i wouldnt mind if they went all out with his mask expressions just cuz I think he's so damn funny.

doublerdiner 2/25/2013 7:09:48 PM

 At first the Amazing Spider-Man costume bugged me.  Then by the time Entertainment Weekly had a cover with it, I was sold.  Close enough.  I thought it looked better in the movie that the one did in the Raimi movies. Also the thick relief sculpted webbing bugged me so not pleased to see it back.  Amazing Spider-Man had real fabric and was not glued to the performer's body with fake sculpted abs and all that.  Also the thick relief sculpted webbing bugged me so not pleased to see it back.  It's so strange to see that even the fabric texture pattern has returned.  

Really though, the filmmakers can't win.  Someone is going to hate on it no matter what.  Do like the larger eyes though, they look nice.

Still, looking forward to this movie!


Rizing 2/25/2013 7:47:40 PM

Tobey Maguire is Spider-Man.

'nuff said.

thezillaman 2/25/2013 8:47:00 PM

 then again as long as it looks good and stays looking cool, no problems here. nothing wrong with changeing it unless they mess it up making him look stupid. i don't think that will ever happen hope never .

thezillaman 2/25/2013 9:20:50 PM

 i was comparing the spider logo in the costume from the first spiderman movie to the new movie, the first movie spider logo has short legs, the amazing spiderman the spider logo has the legs blend in to his costume and streached out but still looks nice. this new logo can't tell how short or strsached out the spider is or if it will bleand in to the costume like the amazing sliderman, also the mask has more facila nose bump structure and the web is separated creating a wider look from the first spiderman movie. i wish they could just show the entire costume . but the eyes are classic style really like that. and the face mask shape sideways way more shape than the flatness fro. the first movie..damn i'm hard on for spidey wtf? lol. 

millean 2/25/2013 9:22:14 PM

This one may be my favorite costume yet.  Didn't think I would like one better than the Raimi version, but this is that one with slightly modified eyes.  I do agree that the black webbing doesn't need to be textured, but I still dig it.

However, we haven't seen the rest of the costume, either.  I really hope the spider-nikes are gone.  :)

Garfield's first costume did grow on me.  However, I still think there were times it looked like it was made out of fruit roll-ups.


Dazzler 2/26/2013 3:41:07 AM

Black Electro is gonna suck hard....I hope they pile another few villians on this. 

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