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New Spider-Man Set Video

A brief moment of action and costume goodness

By Chris Beveridge     February 08, 2011
Source: The Daily Blam!

Andrew Garfield as SPIDER-MAN
© Columbia Tristar Marketing Group

If you're in need of some new material out of the Spider-man reboot that's underway, the Daily Blam! has a new set video that's made its way out that shows a bit more of what we've seen recently with the street action involving Spidey leaping about, jumping on trucks and so forth. There's a mild moment of action here before things wind down in the short clip before the actor dons a jacket, which may be one of the few times fans actually request that a character wear a jacket over their costume, a practice that's often reviled.



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Desdichado 2/8/2011 10:40:55 AM

Is this the scene where LeVar Burton finally catches Spiderman and his cod piece?

Word up!

axia777 2/8/2011 12:19:01 PM

There is absolutely NOTHING good about that Spider-Man costume at all....

Shasta 2/8/2011 1:22:59 PM

It seems everyone hates this costume, myself included.....heres hoping that all the negative feedback will have spidey do an upgraded costume change in the sequel.

Wiseguy 2/8/2011 1:57:02 PM

I'm not crazy about the costume but I'm not condemning the movie like some are so quick to do. Plus I want to see how it looks in the final product, they may touch it up a bit in post.

At the end of the day it isn't that big a deal IMHO and will have no impact on the film's quality.

axia777 2/8/2011 2:15:44 PM

I never said the movie itself will suck.  I have no idea as to that.  I do know on the other hand that the costume looks like a steaming pile of dog droppings.  And to me yes, that does have an effect.  I have to look at it as Spider-Man is wearing it in the movie.  It is distracting to me when something really, really sucks in any movie that I want to watch.  This will be just such a case.

I still maintain that Spider-Man will NEVER be OK till Marvel gets the rights back from Sony.

Tevii 2/8/2011 5:28:27 PM

Im not liking what I see.... but the way movies are made today, who knows how much will be changed in post production... and as long as the story is great, I can let that costume pass.

I'll cross my fingers and hold final judgement until the trailer

jorson28 2/8/2011 6:24:44 PM

Granted, the costume does look CHEAP in behind the scenes photos.  That said, several facts are to be considered.

First, these are likely minidv videos done in raw sunlight with none of the filtering agents that filmmakers use, on and off the set.

Second, if reports are true that Marc Webb is inspired by what Nolan did with Batman, then "cheap" might be the whole idea behind the costume - i.e., that it's something made by a very intelligent and resourceful teenager or young college student, but with relatively little money.

Third, no matter how much filmmakers try to do in-camera, ALL such movies have digital elements, which is a given with Spider-Man since some of the thigns he does are beyond any human's capabilities.  Though there may be fewer of those in this film than in Raimi's, there are bound to be some, and that could also mean - as mentioned already - digital tweaks to the costume as it already appears on film.

 Lastly, look at the only "official" photo of the costume, sans mask.  Sure, it's at night, but it doesn't look as rubbery or... wet... as the costume seems to appear in the videos we're seeing. 

InnerSanctum 2/8/2011 8:46:21 PM

 I don't know...even in the "offical photo" the suit looks rubbery.  

therockdltj 2/9/2011 4:46:21 AM

axia 777 there never going to let marvel have the rights back

axia777 2/9/2011 5:20:13 AM

"therockdltj - axia 777 there never going to let marvel have the rights back"

Then Spider-Man is FUKKED FOREVER.


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