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New STAR TREK series to fill gap between generations

LOST ERA to connect 23rd and 24th centuries

By Christopher Allan Smith     May 17, 2002
Source: PsiPhi

George Takei as Sulu in the STAR TREK feature films.
© 2001 Paramount Pictures

Pocket Books has announced a new six-book STAR TREK series which will span the years between the launch of the Enterprise B and the first season of Jean Luc Picard's adventures on the Enterprise-D.

The series, to be published under the LOST ERA stamp, will include adventures set aboard the 1701-B, as well as the Enterprise-C (destroyed in the classic NEXT GENERATION episode "Yesterday's Enterprise") and Captain Sulu's Excelsior.

What's more, the books are going to include some characters from 24th century shows, including NEXT GENERATION members, DEEP SPACE NINE and some VOYAGER members as well, as well as close out the careers of some of Kirk's crew.

The first books in the series are set for an August 2003 release.


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