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br003 3/10/2009 1:42:53 PM

Pheh! I've always been a fan of the original and critical of everything after the animed series. Sex and Splosions doesn't mean it's going to be great by any means.

shadow1701 3/11/2009 6:54:49 AM

Ok, I'm gonna be the whiney little bitch people can take potshots at.

While i know it's just a movie, and I'm damn sure I'll own it when it releases for sale, her eis my issue with the movie:

It is accepted ther Capt Kirk was the youngest starship captain in Starfleet history. He as ambitious as hell and motived to climb the ladder. He takes command of the Enterprise, relieving Capt Pike. Got it, no problems.
In THIS movie, he's a freakin CADET!!!!! Not even in the chain of command. Not been in the fleet several years, not worked his way up through the ranks, nothing. Just throw a cadet into command of a starship. NO!!! Talk to any real life naval officer and they'll tell you no way in hell would that happen.
That's one of the reasons I hated the Westley Crusher character in TNG. Some supposed, untrained, pain in the ass, teenager knows more about the systems on Enterprise D than the officers and crew assigned to her. yea..right.

I know, I'm notpicking the hell out of a movie, of all things. Instead of Kirk's academy days, I would have bought it more as Kirk's first command as a brand spanking new captain, still trying to put his mark into history. Makes better sense to me. They could have referenced several Star Trek books, written over the years, as their source material.  Enterprise the first years, The Lost years, Best Destiny. The "remember when" sections of Stranger's from the Sky would have been a great example of the first command, and having to deal with Kirk's first association with Spock. Oh well.

I'll still be lined up at the IMAX thearer, along with everybody else, salivating at the new movie, with the grandest starship in the fleet.

My worthless 2 cents for the day

Hobbs 3/11/2009 7:49:45 AM

shadow, I agree they are changing some things from what we know but if you really want to get into how the cannon has been screwed up over the last 40 years we can start the list now.  This isn't the first Star Trek to change things. 

shadow1701 3/11/2009 8:25:48 AM

That's a true statement Hobbs.

domino2008 3/11/2009 9:29:07 PM

yes , this trailer looks good , but everyone check out the new remasted verisions of star trek: tos , they gone an redid most of the space CGI an looks awesome . if you dont believe me check out thier site . to any one whom said thae old show was cheesy , let them eat their words . i was very hesatate  about this movie being recast . and people said wait a while to bring star trek back , its been nearly 10 yrs .i really hope this film is worth it . i always thought if they did bring star trek back , it would be the Federation an Romalan wars from the show : Balance of Terror  .

maxx1mus 3/14/2009 11:37:52 PM

mark my words to best summer movies will be STAR TREK AND TRANSFORMERS thank you JJ ABRAMS  youve done it;   long live CAPT JAMES T.KIRK........................nuff said  

maxx1mus 3/14/2009 11:46:00 PM

that latin dominican beauty  ZOE SALDANA is friggn hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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