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New STAR WARS book reveals first look at EPISODE III villain

General Grievious, we presume?

By Patrick Sauriol     February 11, 2004
Source: Anonymous has a solicitation for a forthcoming STAR WARS novel for young readers, set during the Clone Wars and featuring a young Boba Fett. STAR WARS: BOBA FETT - A NEW THREAT is scheduled for an April 2004 publishing date, but what's causing STAR WARS fans to take notice is the cover artwork depicting a new villain that audiences will see in EPISODE III.

(If you don't want to know anything further, here's your chance to look away because there be SPOILERS below!)

According to insiders, the new villain is called General Grievious. Grievious is commander of Count Dooku's Separtist armies, and we will see this new alien character in combat during the opening sequence of EPISODE III. The buzz is that Grievious is a 100% computer generated character who is said to have a mysterious appearance undernearth the cloak that he wears. Fans have been speculating for months what Grievious will look like -- and now it appears that the character is front and center on the cover for A NEW THREAT. According to our sources, the grey-skinned being standing between Boba Fett (wearing his father's armor) and Techno Guild official Wat Tambor (on the right) is none other than Grievious.

The Amazon write-up for the book doesn't mention specifics about who this new threat is, or if the character of Grievious is indeed the villain introduced within its pages -- but if we had to bet on it, chances are good we're right about this.

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