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New THOR Teaser Poster? (Nope)

Plus: IRON MAN 2, DEADPOOL, X-MEN 4 and More

By Rob M. Worley     September 28, 2009
Source: Various

We definitively debunk the 'Thor' Teaser Poster that's going around. Plus: Rockwell talks 'Iron Man 2'. Hood talks 'Deadpool'. Page talks 'X-Men 4' and more. It's Obviously delicious, secretly nutritious. It's your Comics2Film 9.9.28!



SURROGATES Opens at #2

This week's comic book movie 'Surrogates' starring Bruce Willis opened at #2 this week, proving less appetizing to movie audiences than a leftover helping of Sony's 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'. Mania's box office report has the film has the futuristic robot thriller banking about $15 million, which is with studio projections for the film, but definitely on the disappointing side.

The Disney/Touchstone film was also #2 overseas, competing with Disney/Pixar's 'Up'. 'Surrogates' rang up another $12.2 million in foreign markets according to Variety. It did it's best work in Russia where it opened #1 and pulled in $5 million.




Rockwell talks IRON MAN 2

IGN caught up with actor Sam Rockwell at this weekend's Fantastic Fest. They quizzed the man about his role as Justin Hammer in 'Iron Man 2'. Rockwell chatted a bit, but had few new details to offer fans.

In addition to the expected gushing about the experience of working with the movie's all-star cast, Rockwell said Hammer is similar to another character he's played on the big screen.

"He's a rival of Tony's - they are competitors in the weapons industry. I team up with Mickey Rourke and we decide we want to take him down and take down the Stark legacy," Rockwell said. "He's sort of like a cousin of the 'Charlie's Angels' character I played. The smarmy cousin. But it's Mickey - he does the fighting and the kicking ass in the film."

'Iron Man 2' arrives in theaters next year.



Ellen Page Ready to play Kitty Pryde Again

Although there's no telling if here 'X-Men: The Last Stand' character will be on screen again, actress Ellen Page seems interested in the notion of returning to the franchise as Kitty Pryde.

Out promoting her new film 'Whip It', Page admitted to MTV Splash Page she knows nothing about future X-Men movies. However, she does love the character.

"I think Kitty Pryde is rad, so who knows what will happen. I have no idea though," Page told MTV.

Check it out:



Bell talks ASTRO BOY

Actress Kristen Bell appears in the year's next comic-adaptation, the CG animated rendition of the classic manga 'Astro Boy'. Bell (who lends her voice as the title character's gal pal Cora) talked to SCI FI Wire about the movie.

Naturally, the 50+ year-old character has been updated for modern audiences.

"It presents Astro Boy in the light in which I think he's used to living, but also with a slightly fresh perspective," Bell said. "People that are familiar with the manga or how iconic he is overseas, I know they're going to have high expectations. That's a little nerve-racking knowing that people are so familiar with this character, and I hope they did it right. I think they did. Our director, David [Bowers], was fantastic, and he loves this story more than life itself. I've seen it and I really like it. I think it's really good."

She also discusses whether or not the film is accessible to non-fans, what her character brings to the movie, and why you'll want to bring a handkerchief to the cinema when you see the film.

Click through for the complete interview.



Hood on Reynolds' DEADPOOL Stunts

'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' director Gavin Hood told MTV Splash Page that Ryan Reynolds acquitted himself nicely as Wade Wilson in the movie and may have a bright career ahead of him as an action star.

"[Reynolds spent] the Christmas and New Year’s break with the stunt coordinators, because in that scene with the swordplay I think there’s only one shot where we used the stuntman," Hood told MTV News. "You have to do a heck of a lot of work to work on that swordplay in a very compressed period of time."

He also added that Reynolds' was a little shaky with the swordplay at first, but was a quick study (and pleasant to work with besides).



Fan-made teaser poster for THOR

Fake THOR Teaser Makes The Rounds

Frequent and long-time C2F contributor AntoBlueberry pointed us to a purported 'Thor' teaser poster that's making the rounds on message boards. Apparently the story is that the image was handed to a popular blog site by a "reliable" source. The bloggers are understandably wary of posting it as they haven't confirmed its authenticity yet.

After examining the poster Comics2Film at can say with certainty that it is a fan-generated photo manipulation. The poster is a nice bit of photoshopping but really lacks the polish and impact a good teaser poster for a Marvel movie would have.

Aside from a few potentially unnatural elements (the hair and the cape are definitely suspect) we managed to uncover the smoking gun that proves this was cobbled together from pre-existing images and painted up in Photoshop, rather than the product of Marvel studios.

The reason we're so sure? The hammer is the most obvious clue.

Thor's hammer in the poster is, in fact, the Mjolnir replica hammer product sold by Diamond Select Toys. Furthermore, the hammer as seen in the picture matches exactly with the publicity photo that Diamond Select released to promote the product.

If you examine both images carefully (click on our side-by-side comparison below) you'll see the shape and perspective of the hammer are identical. More importantly, certain details, like the scuffing and weathering on the bottom of the hammer and the gaps in the leather wrap of the handle are also identical.

So, if you see this poser making the message board rounds, don't be fooled.

And if you spot any other tell-tale signs, post them in the comments below...

Diamon Select THOR Hammer Replica

Thor Teaser Fakery: compare stain marks, leather wrap and lighting on the teaser poster vs Diamond's product image



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KillerTomato 9/28/2009 8:36:04 AM

I love Ellen Page, I'd hope she'd return as Kitty in an X-Men Movie.  Defintely glad she'd want to return to the role. 

Ryan Reynolds has been wanting to break into the action and/or superhero mold since Blade Trinity.  Sure he's a comedic actor, but I think he has the chops to make it work, and he's well on his way it seems.  I mean first he's Hannibal King, next he's Wade Wilson (as far as I'm concerned he has yet to make his appearance as Deadpool...because Deadpool has not been on screen yet, that...thing...from Wolvierine was Weapon XI not Deadpool, that's my story and I'm sticking to it), and then he's Hal Jordan, I mean he's officially taking the lead on comic book adaptions (following Jessica Alba, Michael Clarke Duncan, Reecca Romijn, Ben Foster and Jason Marsden who've all had, but none of them playing 3 completely different super heroes).  Good for him.

I don't even see how anyone would've taken that poster seriously to begin with, it really doesn't look that good at all (well for photoshop it does, but not by Hollywood standards).  If that was what Thor was going to look like I would have definitely been disappointed, but with the director it has, well I'm imagining it's going to be something awesome (though honestly I'm predicting more of an Ultimate Thor appearance...or maybe something more in line with Thor's current appearance in the Marvel U proper).

littlemikey979 9/28/2009 9:09:46 AM

OK so off topic but is "RAD" coming back, thats the second celeb use that to descri'be something, 'rad' is cool just keep the neon colored clothing and crap like that back in the 90's. anybody remember 'Thrashin'?

Anyways, E.Page is good, hopefully if X-men is expanded more she will have a bigger part, she a really good actress and Pryde is a good character they can really explore more.

I think everyone is pretty happy about Reynolds coming back, and i am sure he will do a good job, assuming they don't crap up the character again.

You can tell the poster is fake right off, but it still looks cool. a little polish and it would look awesome

Wiseguy 9/28/2009 9:14:37 AM

I would think that they may go with the current incarnation of Thor. You can give him that chain-mail like shirt which would also help him look much bigger and muscular.

That teaser poster definitely looked phony

So Ellen Page thinks Kitty Pride is rad? I like page too and since she looks so young she still has years ahead of her where she can play the role

Not surprised about Reynolds, still relatively young and in great shape, I'd expect he'd be willing to do quite a few of his own stunts. Just make sure he doesn't decapitate himself, unlike Deadpool his head can't be just popped back on

Wiseguy 9/28/2009 9:33:13 AM

I just have to ask, is anybody else getting threads without the comments? The box office report thread won't show any comments, the Nightmare on Elm St. only gives me the first page but won't show me comments #11 on.

This has happened to me before but it seems that it's been getting worse. Is it my computer os is it the site? Anybody? Jarrod? Rob? mania? WTF?

Matador 9/28/2009 9:35:47 AM

Naw ....when Holloywood makes there poster teaser it will just be Thor's hammer. The'yll just keep it simple. Kinda like way back then the unreleased Captain America movie that went direct to video was just the Shield on the poster.

That's funny if Reynolds does become successful on both films GL and Deadpool both companies will try to fight who will get him first on a sequel. Then Reynolds can say mo' money mo' money!

And the way they could play Deadpool character was that WeaponXXX was just a clone and Reynolds Deadpool is still in a chamber chained up and gagged underneath the Weapon X building.

gauleyboy420 9/28/2009 9:51:51 AM


GOSH! I didn't even realize Kitty was played by Juno...Wow I hope she comes back, she has the personality that is perfect for Kitty...

SERIOUSLY!!!! WHO , WHO !? WOULD EVER THINK THAT POSTER IS REAL!!!???? It's not even GOOD photoshop!!! ANYTIME you can tell something is photoshopped it is not good photoshop!

not dynamic, no depth of field , no composition, yeah it's good for a highschool kid, but seriously! DID ANY OF YOU, look at this and think it was real????

hanso 9/28/2009 10:02:28 AM

It's the site.  They rather spend time implementing ways to censor the comments instead of fixing the profiles with have been down for months or fixing the zero comment showing up on threads which has been going on for a bit but now has gotten worse.

gauleyboy420 9/28/2009 10:02:48 AM

Hey Wise,

They are probably busy editing pg. 2 of the comments...

Chopsaki 9/28/2009 10:14:12 AM

Ya it's happened to me too, I can't read the second page of the nightmare on elmstreet thread and has happened lots of times before. Seemed to happen right around the time they implemented the censorship, coincidence?

Wiseguy 9/28/2009 10:24:47 AM

I've always been hesitant to complain about the site but dam,n it, this shit is getting ridiculous. It ain't like this is the only game in town, get the sh*t straight before you start losing visitors/members

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