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New Videos for Blizzard's DIABLO III

Blizzard confirmed the sequel at their latest event.

By Jarrod Sarafin     June 30, 2008
Source: Game Videos

Screenshot from Blizzard's DIABLO III(2008).
© Blizzard Entertainment
Over the weekend, developer Blizzard Entertainment confirmed the third installment of their Diablo franchise at their Worldwide Invitational event in Paris. I put up the Cinematic Teaser trailer for our Sunday Mania Video of the Day and you can check out fellow Maniac Pat Ferrara's thoughts in his latest Weekly Book Buzz. But some more videos have also been released in relation to the game announcement.

While talking to the press, the developer announced that the game's engine will remain isometric with slightly stylized graphics much like their upcoming Starcraft II installment and they released a video featuring the artwork for Diablo III, which I'll place down below.

Blizzard also announced a new class in their system called "Witch Doctor" and released a video feature for the class system that will be evident for fans in the third installment. You can check out a load of information on the features, classes, and locations at their newly launched official website.

Now, for those videos.

Cinematic Teaser Trailer

Artwork Trailer

Classes Gameplay

Barbarian Seismic Slam


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almostunbiased 6/30/2008 4:54:53 AM
I can't wait till games look like the first Cinematic Teaser Trailer. That will be sweet.
AMiSHPiRATE 6/30/2008 6:08:36 AM
which will hit first: starcraft II or diablo III?
irascible 6/30/2008 7:11:57 AM
My guess is Starcraft Ami - they announced a while back for that... but then again their "it'll be out when its done" attitude (and thats not a bad thing) may prove me wrong. Either way I am excited for both! Blizzard hasn't disappointed me yet.
goldeneyez 6/30/2008 7:47:19 AM
I agree with irascible, SC2 has been announced for about a year now. They should be close to beta at some point soon for that game. For Diablo, they only announced two classes. I only played the demo of Diablo 2, but weren't there like 5 or 6 classes for that game? If so it will take some time to get those classes set up, different from the other classes, and balanced for gameplay. The other thing that's crazy is what they showed in the gameplay trailers looks like a polished ready to be published game. Blizzard is freakin' ridiculous.
chirop1 6/30/2008 8:25:20 AM
Diablo 2 launched with 5 classes and the expansion added 2 more. Starcraft 2 should see the light of day long before D3, but I wouldn't rush out to upgrade your computers just yet... I wouldn't be surprised to see SC2 in December 2009 and D3 December 2010. The good news is, I've never seen Blizzard release a half-finished game. You can bet your bottom dollar that it will be a completed and polished product.
Jeedian 6/30/2008 11:57:30 AM
This game looks incredible. I really like the atmosphere to the game and the moves that shake the screen. It is also neat how bodies can fall off ledges and in one scene, one of the bosses grabs a player and bites his head off. Gonna be a long wait, but worth it.


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