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New X-Men First Class Image

New X-Men: First Class pic with Havok and some new posters.

By Jarrod Sarafin     March 10, 2011
Source: 20th Century Fox, Marvel

Lucas Till as Havok in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS(2011).
© 20th Century Fox, Marvel

The professionals at 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios may just want to stick with releasing official screenshots for X-Men: First Class. This week had the two revealing a new screenshot and some posters but receiving fan backlash on the latter. We'll place them all down below and let you sound off with your thoughts. Revealed on their Facebook page, this latest screenshot of Lucas Till as Havok comes just a week after they showed off a new image between January Jones' Emma Frost and Kevin Bacon's Sebastian Shaw at the Hellfire Club.

X-Men: First Class Pictures and Posters


And here's the new posters the studio has revealed for their X-Men prequel as well. What do you think?


X-Men: First Class Pictures and Posters

X-Men: First Class Pictures and Posters

X-Men: First Class Pictures and Posters

X-Men: First Class Pictures and Posters


 Thanks to lusiphur for the submission.


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ElBaz13 3/10/2011 6:16:54 AM

Can my hate for this movie continue?

Those last two posters look like they were produced by some Photoshop amateur.

Mutants: First Crap. Epic fail.

Hobbs 3/10/2011 6:43:26 AM

I still think this movie is going to surprise a lot of poeple in a positive way.

8man 3/10/2011 6:57:32 AM

I haven't seen anything that will dissuade me from seeing this on opening day.  I'm looking forward to it.

Wacko 3/10/2011 6:59:33 AM

What I fail to understand is why they refuse to bring the X-men into their full glory, costumes and all.  It is so half assed, what is the point of a superhero movie without the costume which makes the identity of the character, simple formula.  It creates such a boring setting.  Again I will express my deepest, vehement protestes towards Brian Singer, for once again screwing up the best superhero team.  HE JUST DOESN"T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

kinetoscope 3/10/2011 7:06:32 AM

I believe that this will be a movie that most people walk out of the show (after their friends have said it was better than I expected....) and they will say... it was better than I expected. I hope to enjoy it.

rosasmc1 3/10/2011 7:08:29 AM

Havok does not belong, I have no problem with taking liberties but lets keep the characters to the proper timeframe.  Beast should not be in this as well and he certainly shouldn't be in his beast form yet.  This shouldn't be called first class either. It should be Rise of the Mutants or something,  X-men Frst Class should be about Proffessor X and his first group of students, Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Iceman and Marvel Girl.

Batmite 3/10/2011 7:33:26 AM


Costumes just don't fit into the real world.  Unless they are clinically insane (or under twelve), people in the real world don't run around in costumes.  Movie makers understand that.  Fans don't.

If I suddenly developed superpowers, I would:

  1. Wear a mask to hide my identity.
  2. Try to stay out of the public eye.
  3. Wear black, or something stealthy.  Not a costume.  Wouldn't even know where to get a costume.

Unless it can be easily justified, costumes just don't make sense.  They make sense to comics readers because peope who read comics start reading them at age 5 - 10.  Adults walking into a movie theater have not been conditioned to believe it is normal to wear a costume.

For some heroes, it makes sense.  Batman (striking fear), Spider-Man (looking for publicity), the Greatest American Hero (suit gave him his powers), Green Lantern (member of a pre-existing corps), Captain America (symbol of the American ideal)....

But in most cases, it is really hard to justify why a sane adult would put on a silly-looking costume and run around saying "look at me!"

Batmite 3/10/2011 7:40:42 AM

There are two different ways of going about making a superhero movie.  One stems from a desire to take what is on the written page and bring it to life.  That is what comics fans usually want.

The other is to take the full and rich history of a long-running comic book series and make a good movie based on the characters and stories therein.  This is generally what the average moviegoer wants.

The original X-Men (Angel, Beast, etc.) fit well into the 1960s.  They appealed to misfit teenagers who were becoming more and more disillusioned with authority.  The hippy movement resulted from this struggle, and hippies were often referred to as "freaks" and "hairies."  The X-Men were freaks, and Beast eventually turned hairy  :) ,  and they were right for their generation.

In 2011, I don't see those early characters and stories working for the average moviegoer.  If they can take cool characters like Prof. X and Magneto and others, and tell a good tale that is relevant to the people paying for the tickets, then they will have succeeded.

ElBaz13 3/10/2011 7:43:56 AM

In regards to costumes, a prime example is Wolverine.

A superhero who relies on stealth and one of the most feared...wears blue and yellow. Just because blue and yellow looks good in comic book pages, but really does not look good in real life (see those Wolverine Halloween costumes). Can you imagine Havok in this movie with that weird headgear he has in the comics?

But I still think the heroes should have some sort of costume just modified for "real life" like the Batman costumes. The essence is still there but the colors are different (more dark).

The Frank Miller Wolverine costume was better in the 80s, He has a dark version of this one in the X-force title which would probably translate better on the big screen.

Kaziklu 3/10/2011 7:52:21 AM

It's not even so much the costumes that are an issue in general, Spiderman work, superman works, but the Xmen Costumes are so over the top and rediculous that most people would fall over laughing if they saw wolverine in real live in yellow spandex. Emma Frost just can't dress like that, I really don't see any one with an serious acting chops walking around for the whole move in that outfit, not to mention the difficult of movement in it. Sexy underwear is seldom designed for hand to hand combat.

And the Movie dosen't have to fit the main comic, how many of the comics fit the other comics? In one book Logan can be ripped in half tossed half way around the world, and craw up a mountian to reattach his legs long after the fact. In another I think that might kill him or at the very least his body might now reconnect the two halfs without any sort of medical intervention.

I like the xmen with out the costumes actually.

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