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wessmith1966 3/24/2011 4:40:19 PM

I really want to like this movie. I do, but I'm not excited about anything I've seen so far; still images, posters or trailers. I know I'll see it and I'm hoping for the best with Vaughn at the helm, but it's a Fox film and the studio seems to worry more about grosses and less about quality. The suits can't seem to grasp that quality will increase the grosses.

I like that it's set in the early 60s and seems to have that era's vibe to it. I like the plot. I just hope it comes together smartly on the big screen. I'm staying positive and I guess if I lower my expectations I won't be disappointed and may even be surprised.

Wiseguy 3/24/2011 4:47:26 PM

First off, if you're a lifelong fan you would know that I'm right. Second you wouldn't go to any site, even marvel's official site where the info is supplied by fans sort of  like wikipedia. You'd just know. Third, the omition of something isn't proof, that's like trying to prove a negative. Fourth, just look at your old comics. Like pony said he was always drawn to look like an ape, from arms, feet, hands and stance. Fifth, I shouldn't have to tell you this but look up the word mutant. It doesn't equal superpowers. He was asked to join the X-Men because he did have superpowers, agility, strength, speed and I believe even his intellect was too. That doesn't mean his feet and hands were superpowers, just mutations like his color which also didn't give him extra powers.

Wiseguy 3/24/2011 4:50:14 PM

Btw, yeah it's a little annoying about not being able to post links but it was a necessary evil to combat all the fucking spammers that were crowding the site a while back

gauleyboy420 3/24/2011 5:05:51 PM

Wisegut, those points are semantics. AND I adressed some of them in my previous post. I will address them again (pr. agane)

First- LOL!

Second- Marvels site surely has an administrator that verifies info, just like Wiki[edia does for some entries. and I was using it as some form of source to cite info from.

third- whats the ommision you speak of?

Fourth- I said I NEVER saw Hank drawn with "simian like" arms or legs in my old comics

Fifth- I addressed that. HOWEVER in the world of X-Men his Mutation (Superpower) see how that works, was Big Hands Big Feet and Big D.. ooops, ape like agility (thats where you might get your simian arm idea from)

sixth, agree to disagree?

gauleyboy420 3/24/2011 5:06:43 PM

btw, agreed. But I wish they'd let us know not to type (dot)com

creekwoodkid 3/24/2011 5:11:25 PM

These promo pictures do not move the needle at all, but the trailer was fantastic. More trailers...less crappy photos.

Wiseguy 3/24/2011 5:29:35 PM

semantics? SEMANTICS?? SEMANTICS??? OK agree to disagree

gauleyboy420 3/24/2011 5:32:47 PM


YOU GUYS (posters) are what really keep me coming back to Mania.


UltimateTypeface 3/24/2011 6:20:26 PM

Wow! you guys are fired up today. ...and you have some valuable comics - I hope you have them insured or locked in a safe.

I heard you shouldnt even read those original issues because the acid in your finger tips screws with the pages. Thats like a crappy mutant power.

I have Super-Pro No. 1, its about a football player who...forget about it.

I think Fox/Singer is trying piss fanboys off with this crap. That Hank McCoy is a disgrace.

Most mutants are born normal and then develop their powers at adolescence right? Did hank get big appendages at birth or at 13? Looks like he is a normal dork in this shot.



alphan 3/25/2011 2:17:38 AM

So far, I just liked the released trailer. But I fear that we already watched (almost) all the superhero action of the movie. This ist after all another origin story. Looking for mutants for about 85% of the movie with a lot of boredom and then 15% of cuba crisis (tops). With a budget of only $ 120.000.000 you can't do a lot. And there is another guarantor for a bad movie. Brian Singer did the story again! Who told him that he can write superhero stories?

And watching the stupid posters and photos... Why, oh why didn't I take the blue pill?

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