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New X-MEN Villain

Joe Casey talks about new foe for Marvel's mutants.

By Rob Allstetter     September 04, 2001

© 2001 Marvel

UNCANNY X-MEN writer Joe Casey says that #400 will feature a new villain, the Supreme Pontiff, head of the Church of Humanity.

"I was talking to the editor, Mark Powers, about this after I turned in the script," Casey says. "I said that every time in the past 10 years or so, you see like a major X-Men villain and it's always mysterious. He looks cool, but you don't know what his agenda his and you don't know what his powers are. A cool name, but it takes 10 years to figure out what the hell the guy does.

"When we come to #400, you get the straight story on Supreme Pontiff, what he is, what he's about, what he does. There will be no confusion at all about what this character is all about. And hopefully he'll be a major new X-MEN villain."

The religious Nightcrawler has a face-to-face with the Supreme Pontiff in the issue.

"The ramifications of that little encounter will be a major subplot - which I will resolve! - over the next year or so," Casey says. "I mean, it's a big deal that he has embraced that kind of organized religion and Catholicism and all that. And to come face-to-face with this different kind of organized religion, we're going to play with that a little bit."

UNCANNY X-MEN #400 will feature art by Ashley Wood, Cully Hamner, Sean Phillips, Eddie Campbell and Javier Pulido.


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