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Site News: Comics2Film Fixed for IE6

By Rob M. Worley     June 05, 2007

With the major redesign of the site, there were bound to be a few hiccups. One major one was that the site wasn't properly tested for people using Microsoft Interenet Explorer version 6. Apologies to those folks! We realized this morning that IE6 was presenting the site wrong and have worked all day so far to accomodate you. It still won't look perfect in IE6, but it should look better now. But...

...Why are you using IE6? Seriously, it's the world's worst browser. It's got massive security holes that make it a gateway to viruses and malware. It doesn't follow web community standards for rednering HTML code and frequently renders things wrong (as was the case here). It's slow. It leaks memory. It's all around bad for your computer. Is someone making you use it? Then that someone is MEAN!

Why not consider using Firefox? It's a massively better browser. It's faster, more secure and more stable. It's the best way to view most sites that have been composed with community standards in mind. If you can't use Firefox, at least consider IE7, which is still a significant step up from IE6.


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